“Thousands of civilians killed” – Corriere.et

“Thousands of civilians killed” – Corriere.et

From our correspondent
Jerusalem – Windproof jackets: 129 thousand. Disposable sleeping bags: 369,000. Army spokesmen announce their dismissal Gaza CitySoldiers in the field say they are already conducting operations around hospitals in the center, and fundamentalist commanders and commanders appear to be hiding in tunnels under clinics. But the Quartermaster’s Office has begun distributing clothing and materials needed for the cold winter that has not yet reached these parts. This may put psychological pressure on Hamas – It will be long while we are preparing – or the two months of ground battle that the generals calculated is a concrete hypothesis: the invasion began between 25 and 27 October, and we will reach at least the end of December to be able to imagine the first reduction in hostilities.


The Tsahal General Staff’s calendar is certainly out of sync with that of the Americans and the international community: the number of Palestinian deaths among Hamas has exceeded 10,000 – and the Pentagon estimates civilian casualties are in the thousands – and the pressure on the Israeli government to grant a humanitarian truce, the president talked about that again yesterday. Joe Biden With Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “Gaza is a graveyard for children,” said António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations. Eli Cohen, the Israeli Foreign Minister, responds that he is “ashamed,” while Netanyahu tells foreign ambassadors: “Our war is your war. Then we will offer a future full of hope to the people of Gaza.” But the messianic extremism of some of his allies can only exacerbate the risk of the conflict spreading to the West Bank. Bezalel Smotrich, Finance Minister and settler leader. Calls for the creation of “buffer zones” About settlements that Palestinians cannot approach, including roads.

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Rainfall and falling temperatures above all threaten to worsen the situation The humanitarian crisis in Gaza: Sewage waste is collected in huge open-air tanks where it must be filtered before being discharged into the Mediterranean Sea, a system that is already collapsing in normal times. “Bodies of civilians and paramilitaries – Amos Harel points out in the newspaper Haaretz – They are still under the rubble. Heavy storms can cause epidemic outbreaks.” The narrow sandy corridor between Israel, Egypt and the sea is divided into two parts. The safest areas are in the south, where nearly a million internally displaced people have moved. Rafah crossing It was reopened with Egypt to allow the wounded and a few hundred Palestinians holding foreign passports to pass. “All Italians who wanted to leave have left,” announced Antonio Tajani, the foreign minister. In Khan Yunis, refugees set up an improvised camp in the Nasser Hospital parking lot: some sleeping in the car, others under tents pulled between the cars. Artillery continued to bomb the streets surrounding Al-Shifa Hospital – In Gaza City, where 70,000 evacuees gathered – the solar panels on the roof had been destroyed.

the basement

Military Intelligence reiterates that the multi-level bunker in which Hamas leaders are holed up was built over the years there. Yahya Sinwar, the head of the organization, whom the government in Jerusalem announced it wanted to eliminate, is also believed to be there. Speakers announce the killing of Wael Asfa, one of the organizers of the massacres that took place a month ago 1,400 Israelis were killed, and more than 240 hostages were taken in Gaza. 35 soldiers were killed, and the timing of the war is also linked to Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah’s tactical observation and the promise he made in a speech last Friday: Hezbollah will expand the conflict if the jihadists in the Strip are at risk of complete defeat. Yesterday, about twenty missiles were launched from Lebanon, reaching the outskirts of Haifa for the first time. Palestinian factions linked to Hamas claimed responsibility for the attack, but it would not have happened without the green light from the Shiite organization. The army responded with artillery shelling on the positions of the Iranian-backed armed group.

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