Blacks in the United States are increasingly white

Many black Americans don't mind having lighter skin at all.  Clear
Many black Americans don’t mind having light skin at all

Lack of integration The Washington Post (owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and arguably the most politically correct of the major US newspapers) has shockingly discovered that less than 2% of sperm in US sperm banks come from black donors. So there would be a risk that children of ambitious black mothers, without donors of the same race, could be born “too white” …

Objection to miscegenation (race mixing) was once a staple of the bleak right. It’s strange to see concern over this topic move to the other side of the political spectrum. The awkward question that arises is also related to the fact that black Americans are, on average, “very white” indeed.

An extensive study that appeared in the American Journal of Human Genetics: It argued that “the average genome of African Americans is 72.2% African, 24% European, and 0.8% American Indian.” Compounding the situation, at least ideologically, is the problem that many black Americans don’t mind light skin at all.

It is common among black women to use “whitening” creams such as Natural White, Ambi Fade Cream, and Clean & Clear Fairness Cream. In fact, it is estimated that by 2024 the global profits generated from the sale of this type of product will reach more than $31 billion annually.

Thus we come to glutathione, an antioxidant compound used in medicine in ulcerative therapies, as an antidote in cases of overdose of the analgesic paracetamol and in cases of poisoning with heavy metals such as mercury and lead.

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Moreover, it has the interesting effect of effectively counteracting melanin, the substance that darkens skin, without serious contraindications identified (so far at least).

The question is completely different for whitening creams, which are criticized a lot from a medical point of view.

These innovations (which are not very new, given that in 2017 The New York Times had the opportunity to complain about the “uncontrolled” expansion of the use of glutathione change the cards on the table in relation to the “classic” racism based on skin color.

Therefore, skin becomes more and more a free choice. The fact that the public cannot move in any particular order to embrace a solution to a problem (albeit partial and incomplete) without waiting for the right ideological actions is nothing new.

Nor does racism itself end there: “fear of the other” is a feeling deeply rooted in the human personality. However, there is a well-founded possibility that, in the absence of the wrong skin, humanity would have to move to discover another physical characteristic that would justify blind hatred.

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