This Xiaomi smart scale is discounted at less than 10 euros

You are looking for a new one smart scale To keep body weight under control? In these hours the perfect balance Xiaomi Mi 2 Body Composition Scale Offered at a discount80% in the price list.

A show not to be missed

In fact, by following the link at the bottom of the news, you can buy the smart device for only €9.99 Instead of 50 euros at 80% off. The Chinese giant’s smart scale has a simple design and is ideal for blending into any furniture style, and features some special features for in-depth body analysis including: Sensor to detect the smallest differences in weight (even from only 50g) New generation BIA chip for measuring fat mass percentage and balance test And so much more.

In addition, the Mi 2 Body Composition Scale measures 13 parameters of your body composition including percentage of fat mass, muscle mass, visceral fat, basal metabolic rate, water and protein intake, and more. Finally, we remind you to subscribe to our Telegram channel Prezi To discover the best offers in the world of high-tech selected by our editorial staff.

Buy the Xiaomi Mi 2 Body Composition Scale on offer

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