Delayed release date? Cyrano proposes a new date –

Delayed release date?  Cyrano proposes a new date –

Roberto Serranoa well-known Twitter user, spread a new rumor through his account: the Starfield release date may have been Delayed. The man also indicated a possible date: 2-3-2023.

We determine – and you can see that for yourself below – that Cyrano did not technically write the word “starfieldAnd he didn’t actually say that the release date was pushed back. The guy just entered a questionable face, Starfield release date (November 11, 2022) then entered an expression for a star and finally wrote a new date 2.3.23. Assuming he used the American format (usually Cyrano writes in English on his account), it would be February 3, 2023. If the format was Italian, it would be March 2, 2023. Regardless of the exact date, the idea that Serrano’s proposals is a possible postponement of the game.

I mention Cyrano’ is an active leaker, but his speculation is often Don’t hit the mark. There have been occasions where he was right, but he is generally not as reliable a source as the others.

For now, all of this is a rumor that should be taken with caution. Starfield hasn’t been put off and what Cyrano has been referring to is clearly not official. What is certain is that, eight months after its release, we still haven’t had a chance to see real gameplay of the game: We hope that Bethesda will reassure us soon in the release date and in the game’s conditions, not to raise suspicion in the face of such rumors.

If you’re looking for official info, you can count on ours: Starfield, an open world created to roam: new details from Bethesda.

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