Ethiopia, Prime Minister of Nobel Peace goes to the front to fight the Tigray rebels. Farnesina: “Italians are leaving the country”

The conflict between government forces and the rebel group aiming to overthrow him has reached its climax. So much so that the Prime Minister and Nobel Peace Prize 2019 Abiy AhmedHe decided to take off the suit of the head of the government and put on the army uniform. In fact, he instructed the foreign minister and his deputy, Demeki Mekonnen, to take up his duties as an advertisement Addis Ababa while he goes straight ahead To lead the soldiers against the Tigrinya militia, you know al-Arabiya. A decision that Abi Ahmed had already announced in the past few hours. So, with the tension now at its peak, after, after wave of arrests In the past few weeks Against anyone, even between cooperate NS missionaries, was considered close to the inhabitants of Tigray, even Farnesina Decided to post one I do not recommend For Italian citizens when traveling in Ethiopia, and inviting citizens who are already present to leave the country.

The ex-soldier returns to the front
Abi Ahmed, a former soldier, did not want to post pictures of him in the foreground, but considered it necessary to leave as the situation became increasingly alarming with the passage of time. Just yesterday an emissary from United States of America He told reporters that he feared that the “nascent” mediation efforts with the warring parties would outgrow Military developments “alarming”.

Tigrinya forces controlled the former national government for 27 years, before Abiy took power in 2018, and political tension escalated into war in November 2020. The rebels want Abe to step down, while the central government wants them to be labeled terrorists. group, withdraw to Tigray. However, millions of civilians are trapped and hunger victimsAfter the siege imposed by the government of Addis Ababa on the region. Even hundreds of thousands of people in areas Amhara NS afar It is not accessible by aid. It seems that one of the objectives of the Tigrinya forces is to cut off the supply route from Djibouti in Addis Ababa. African Union envoy Olusegun Obasanjo He made mediations, but has not spoken publicly about his work in recent days.

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Farnesina’s advice: “Leave the country, register your presence”
Italians advise “to use the commercial flights available to leave the country” e Registration at the embassyRestrict your movements as much as possible and always carry a file Identification card. The ministry confirmed that “the Italian embassy in Addis Ababa is still operating at full capacity.” “Due to the fluidity of the situation in the country and the possible deterioration of the public security framework also in the capital, citizens are strongly advised not to go to Ethiopia,” the website states. safe travel Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The notification, published on November 22, states that “the Ethiopian government has announced that national emergency. Military clashes keep happening Wulu District (DesiAnd KombolchaAnd Kimes), and in other areas of the Amhara and Afar regions. Due to the increase in checkpoints and searches of private homes, including those of the international community, citizens who are still in Ethiopia are advised to use the commercial flights available to leave the country.

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