This “secret” Toyota is now worth a fortune to collectors

This “secret” Toyota is now worth a fortune to collectors

They’ve built quite a few, perhaps a hundred, just to pay homage to the Japanese brand’s glorious past. This exotic car can be loved or hated, and it certainly can’t be ignored.

With a illustrious history behind it and a present that couldn’t be brighter – the Corolla remains the world’s best-selling car of all time – the Toyota home has never denied its origins. The giant capable of generating billions of yen in revenue each year as well as the “parent company” of brands such as Scion and Lexus is still prominent name In the global car market, not only in Asia.

Silodrome Details

The history of Toyota began in 1933, and the first successful examples of the car date back to shortly before the World War. As we said, the brand has always made its long life in the automotive world a source of pride but few of them knew it yesterday practically in the historical sense He also invented a car To honor its history and some of the American models that inspired its first cars.

Born in 1997, today’s car is very reminiscent of a car from the Prohibition period. No wonder her handwriting is inspired To the aerodynamics of a Chrysler Airflow, one of the most innovative and discussed cars in history. However, given the numbers on hand, this Toyota could be rarer than Airflow and probably worth more.

Less than 100 years old!

there Toyota classic Perhaps the black sheep of the Japanese brand has a purely stylistic sense: in fact, its outdated design and the fact that only 100 were built makes the car Toyota the rarest and most famous in the world so much that perhaps only in the West even huge fans of the brand heard about it.

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Classic 26_05_2022 Silodrome Quattromania
Toyota Classic (Cylodrome)

The classic line of a car that recalls the flagship cars that the Japanese specialize in, were it not for the size and the fact that it had four doors but in fact, most of the car’s mechanical elements are taken on an equal footing by the Toyota Pickup Hilux. Why an SUV? Considered to create an antique is beyond our understanding: Ask Toyota.

In any case, being so rare, this car exerts a certain charm on collectors. In general, the price of the car on the market is about 40 thousand dollars, but the example that you see in the photo is about 24 thousand kilometers on the odometer, which will soon be put up for auction. This number will easily be exceeded. After all, we’re talking about a rare car, right?

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