“From Gianni Spierti to Raz Degan, he didn’t have the guts to…”

“From Gianni Spierti to Raz Degan, he didn’t have the guts to…”

Paola Paralli, some time ago, spoke to Verissimo’s microphones and answered Silvia Toffanin’s questions. Some of these touched the emotional field and Paula admitted, in no uncertain terms, everything about her former historical companions. The Italian girl soaked in a lot of inspiration and began by saying: “I was married and we were in love – Paola Paralli announced about her ex-husband Gianni Sperti, whom she compared to Raz Degan.Gianni belongs to a fleeting period of my life. I must admit that I’m getting married every day, I’m an incurable romantic. On the other hand, Raz was a great trip that I hadn’t thought of doing. He’s really a completely different person than me, but we’ve walked a lot together.

He taught me to push boundaries. He’s someone who goes really fast, but I have to stop every now and then and hope my partner stops and looks at me sometimes.” Paula also added an unparalleled aspect to her and her vision of love: “Love has worn me down, because I am a person who flourishes with emotions. I always go where my heart takes me and take blunders. Taking blows, I now almost immediately understand myself and understand who I am in front of him, thanks to the shortcomings of my ex-girlfriends, from which I suffered, because I suffered from Important shortcomings, and above all a lack of truth. I had companions who didn’t have the courage to show themselves who they really were and so I learned to be alone and to love myself.”

During the interview, which took place in Sylvia Tovanen’s living room, Baral also spoke about how disappointed she was with these reports and without skimping on her revealing words:Have you remained friends with my ex-historians? No, neither of them. The higher you fall from the top, the harder you will be to do. In both cases it fell from a very high place. I’ve always believed them and you look totally different as characters, but they acted the same way on me. Neither of them had the courage to prove themselves for who they were. Gianni and Raz didn’t have the courage to be themselves, for various reasons. It’s made of the same essence, which I don’t like. I want loyalty, truth and understanding from my man and I didn’t get it from them. The reason for the separation? They were two people who weren’t very loyal to me.”

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