PNB won the Basque elections, but Bildou tied in the number of seats and achieved impressive growth

PNB won the Basque elections, but Bildou tied in the number of seats and achieved impressive growth

The Basque Nationalist Party won today's elections in terms of votes, but tied in seats collect basque country, Which got a great result. The external votes have yet to be counted, and the Philippine National Party is confident of its ability to recapture the Alava seat, which is now the only seat Somar holds in this election.

The new Basque government will be formed by a coalition already announced before the vote, between the Polish National Party and the Socialist Party. The Socialists got a good result: their number increased from 10 parliamentarians to 12; On the other hand, PNB lost four. This will make the position of the Socialists in the new executive authority stronger than before.

The PNP was particularly resilient due to the good result in Biscay, where it received practically 40% of the vote. The additional 60,000 votes he gets in this district are what give him the final victory, because Beldo clearly wins in the other two districts, but he cannot compensate for the people of Biscay. It should be remembered that in the Basque Council, each of the three historical regions elects the same number of deputies, without taking into account the large differences in population.

Basque Country collection He won in Alava by about four thousand votes over PNB. It is worth noting that in this constituency the People's Party has come so close to the Socialist Workers' Party that only 500 votes separate them. As for Ghebuscoa, Bildou has an advantage of nearly 30,000 votes over the PNP, which won the 2020 elections by a margin of at least 3,000 votes.

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Advance left National Therefore, it is the most important element on election night. The number of Beldo seats increased from 21 seats to 27 seats, and from 250,000 votes to 330,000 votes.

Improved Spanish parties

Another important fact is the improvement in the results of the Spanish parties. The Socialist Party won two seats, but the Popular Party also won one seat, and Vox retained the only seat it had.

The party that falls sharply is Podemos, which won 6 seats in parliament in 2020 and which has remained out of this election. Somar, who contested separately, won just one seat from Alava, and is at risk of postal voting, so it could pass to PNB if the usual results of other years are maintained.

New faces in Basque politics

these The elections were also marked by a change in the leadership of the two main parties. IƱigo Orcolo va dejar pas a Imanol Pradales to PNB and Arnaldo Otegi to Pello Otxandiano to Bildu.

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