Inter, without Lukaku, it’s still up to Dzeko: against Roma in one night as a former, with a goal of “100 stakes” | first page

Inter, without Lukaku, it’s still up to Dzeko: against Roma in one night as a former, with a goal of “100 stakes” |  first page

One night as before. Romelu Lukaku, who suffers from a thigh injury, has been confiscatedagain at the beginning of the season this gives the keys to the attack of Inter A Edin Dzeko. The Bosnian striker will face the match next Saturday San Siro With a double goal: to bring the Nerazzurri back to success and score his 100th goal league. Center? Past…

In Rome, what a story – fate faced Rome: crossings, sliding doors. The last past of the striker arrived in capital In July 2015 a love story written on Voice Recordings. Since the second season, closed with 29 goals In the league, he was the top scorer of the Italian league and the puck of the best seasonal striker in the history of the Capitoline (with a score of 39 goals between the league and the cups). Monstre numbers, postcards in series. Like the historic Champions League semi-final season, with the cinema pillar trimmed to Chelsea 3-3 of Stamford Bridge In October 2017, or that night in the Olympics against Barcelona: a comeback capable of bringing the team and then leading By Francesco In the penultimate act of the demonstration against Liverpool.

Temptations – Then the market starts knocking on the door. Chelsea, Inter, Juventus. But at the beginning of the 2019-20 season, the contract is renewed with the captain’s armband inherited from Florenzi (Then he lost after a discussion with Fonseca). screenshots. With 119 goals in 260 matchesAnd the Dzeko He is the best foreign scorer in the history of the Giallorossi (and third in the rankings Every time behind berries And the Prozo). A poet who continues until 2019, when he becomes the chosen striker of Inter and Simon introverted To replace Lukaku, fresh from sale to Chelsea. The man who returned to base after just one season and who, an anomaly of fate, the Bosnian would have to substitute against his ex-wife.

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keys in hand – The striker has the task of bringing the Nerazzurri back to the top, putting the weight of the struggling division on his shoulders in crucial matches. First, the league against MourinhoIt will raise the rankings. second, in Champions against the BarcelonaIt will be necessary to fuel the hopes of qualifying for the Round of 16. Dzeko He knows how to do it: the Nerazzurri season passes here too, from the night of the previous.

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