Configurations and where to see them. Dzeko, Kulusevski returned against Brozovic-

From Guido de Carolis and Paolo Tomaselli

Tonight, Inter Juventus in the San Siro for the Super Cup. Inzaghi: “They are used to the finals, in August they were the favorites for the Scudetto.” Allegri: “We are often in a hurry”

Possible formations

Milan, San Siro Stadium, Raw 21

(3-5-2): Handanovic; Skriniar, de Vrij, Bastogne; Dumfries, Brozovic, Barilla, Calhanoglu, Perisic; Lautaro, Dzeko. Coach: Inzaghi
Juventus (4-4-2): Perrin; Di Siglio, Rugani, Chiellini, Alex Sandro;
Bernardeschi, McKinney, Locatelli, Rabiot; Kulusevsky, Morata. Coach: Allegri
Rule: duties

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Inter, Inzaghi: “First place in the standings gives more motivation”

The saying goes that there are no two without three. Simon Inzaghi He hopes to win the Italian Super Cup for the third time To get to Allegri.
It will be the first cup with Inter
, a badge affixed to the chest of the new commander, an invasion that must bend over the bulletin board. The way so far makes him proud. “In August, he was the frontrunner for the Scudetto Juve. He stresses that being at the top of the rankings for us is an added incentive, not a fear.”

Juventus beat it with Lazio, and always started as an underdogThis time, he’s going through the opposite situation.
Inter are healthy, they have lost only one game (against Real Madrid) in their last 16 matches
, compiled a tape of Eight hits in a row, with one goal conceded in seven matches. “If we don’t concede, it’s thanks to the defenders, and if we can, it’s Handanovic’s fault,” the captain said.

“In the final, there are no candidates and Juventus are used to playing with them. Change Compared to the 1-1 draw in the first leg of the league
. It was a tight match, not a good one, played below the capabilities of both teams,” Inzaghi summed up. The Bianconeri is full of absences («I congratulate Chiesa, he is the heritage of Italian football»), Inter in perfect condition and in full force, the team to beat, at San Siro in the last crowd before Capacity reduced to five thousand souls. In the stands will be President Stephen Chang, who has not returned to Appiano Gentile after visiting last Saturday.

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“It’s nice to have the boss here physically, but I’ve never really missed him, we’re always in touch. Additional motivation to deliver 120% will be the atmosphere: no revenge, the finals can be decided by one episodeIt is the rule of indifference.

The coach can provide the best formation, Dzeko should be back in attack with LautaroSanchez does a great job though. Calhanoglu’s recovery in midfield is important for the Nerazzurri, an additional weapon on the position, with which Inter find a lot of satisfaction. It is the team that scored the most goals (14 goals), the best attack in the league (49) and the second defense (16). The strength of the Nerazzurri is that they have turned into a team team, a collaborative goal. In all competitions, a total of 18 players entered the Internet, only Kolarov, Ranuccia, Sensi and Satriano were lost.

“We know our strength. Perception may also change Of the opponents watching us from Inter”, confirms Handanovic. The Scudetto and first place in the standings restored the Nerazzurri to the team’s place to defeat. Winning the first title of the season means sending another signal of strength to already-tested opponents and giving a boost to the championship campaign.

Juve and Allegri: “Whatever happens should not affect our path”

Juventus are not yet accustomed to a final in Italy as an underdog Thus, all files are downloaded press enter, “Even if we lose several finals as the top favourites,” the captain recalls, Chiellini, owner is back after Covid And the few minutes that immediately earned him a “turban” on his head in Rome. As long as you reach objectively in one
Not an easy situation, because Kiza was traumatized on Sunday
For cases of loss of eligibility Arena de Ligt E (“I submit an appeal that I have already fired in the past, Tournament penalties should not apply to the finalChiellini says) and also due to the absence of Chesney, who does not have a green pass but could still be a key player tonight at the San Siro.

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It is strange that Juventus did not play the Super Cup at San Siro, he faced Inter only once to get this cup, in Turin they lost 1-0, and played it only once as the Coppa Italia winner: that was on September 1, 1990, it was Miffredi champagne football and it finished 5. 1 for Napoli.

So it is better to spend an evening like this and the rest with caution Allegri does not repeat it twice, he studies a forbidden game as much as possibleAs it was in the league, which ended with a score of 1-1. As then Dybala should be the wild card from the bench, with Kulusevsky under pressure on Brozovic to try to obfuscate the Nerazzurri’s ideas. Chances of seeing Locatelli and Arthur together from the first minute seem scarce, despite the fact that the Brazilian’s entry proved essential on Sunday, as well as freeing Blues from steering duties, which later became those of the low half in front of the defense and a bit of fatigue. But there are those who suffer and in the end Juventus did not lose in ten matchesEight wins and two draws Venezia e Naples.

For Allegri, who returns to the bench after disqualification, “Balance must prevail” (a concept repeated five times by Hu and Kellini”) So, other than a healthy adrenaline rush, there aren’t many lessons to be learned from the insane victory over Rome: “We need to improve the quality of the passes and we are often in a hurry” Max repeats it, but in the trajectory of the opponent, the madness of Juve often seems to be boring by an unstable organization, which involves a certain dose of improvisation and gives mainly a sense of improvisation: play It’s all tied behind the ball Waiting for Inter Throwing Morata in the second half will reduce the risks. And then we’ll see.

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After all, there is also extra time and penalties to try to reclaim the trophy he won a year ago against Napoli
. In any case, “this match should not affect the course taken” explains Allegri, who already gives it up at least in words. Hopefully the facts will take a different turn.

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