Live the second friendly match in Dimaro

Live the second friendly match in Dimaro

6:42 p.m

12′ – backing vocals by Osimhen

The Karateatu Stadium stands are full, in the stands the fans sing a chant for Osimhen who is on the bench and who will almost certainly come into the second half.


10′ – Lots of ball possession for Napoli

Few reports In this early game, a lot of ball possession was used for Napoli with a 4-3-3 with Demme in the middle of the dribble.


5′ – First corner, for Napoli

The first shot from the team’s flag, coached by Garcia, after Foloroncho’s pass from the right was deflected into a corner. A fine start for the former Bari player who was pivotal with Anyon and has now returned to his natural position as a central midfielder.


Naples Spal, let’s go

The first ball Napoli touched, the Azzurri won. The friendly match against SPAL begins.

6:29 p.m

De Laurentiis in the stands with Kvara’s agent

Kvaratskhelia’s prosecutor is in the stands next to Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis. The Georgian renewal will be discussed between the two sides. Meanwhile, the Napoli team chose the second jersey on the field. For full blue sepals. A few moments and you begin.


Napoli SPAL is about to start, full positions

A few minutes and the teams will enter the field to start the friendly test in Val di Sole, where there are a lot of people in the stands.


Spall, De Carlo Selections

Here, however, is the formation of the spal, with the bench: Alfonso, Dickmann, Trebaldelli, Murgia, Arena, Beda, Celia, Dorazio, Paravicini, Orfe, Antinucci. everyone. Di Carlo. Subs: Jailbirds, Meneghetti, Dumbravanu, Breit, Saiani, Prati, Boccia, Maistro, Rabbi, Rao, Puletto, La Mantia.

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6 pm

From Osimhen to Kfara: the seat of Naples

On the bench for Napoli are Merritt, Contini, Osimhen, Rahmani, Oliveira, Zelinski, Di Lorenzo, Zerbin, Sacco, Obaritin, Lobotka, Kvaratskhelia, Raspadori, Anguisa. Gaetano and Lozano are not present.

5.45 p.m

The big names in the second half?

Therefore, many Osimhen, Kvaratskhelia, Lobotka and Zielinski will not start from the first minute. There will certainly be room for them in the second half. Garcia chooses several players who can leave. The reference form will always be 4-3-3.


Naples Spalletti, Garcia Options

This is the official formation chosen by Garcia: Giulini, Zanoli, Ostegaard, Juan Jesus, Mario Rui, Volorncho, Demme, Elmas, Politano, Simeone, Zidadka.


Naples-Spal: schedules and channels

Friendly match Naples Spal at 6.30pm at Dimaro Town Hall and will be visible on Sky Sport Calcio and also free to air on TV8.


Possible lineup

There is great anticipation for the match against Di Carlo’s side given that on the pitch, unlike the first test, where many young players were on the field, today there will be many big names, from Osi to Kvara via Zielinski and Lobotka. Here are the possible formations:

Naples (4-3-3): Merritt; DiLorenzo, Rahmani, Juan Jesus, Mario Ruy; Anguisa, Lobotka, Zelensky; Politano, Osimhen, Kvaratskhelia. everyone

Spal (4-3-3): Alfonso; Dickmann, Arena; Beda, Tripaldelli; Contiliano, Prati, Murgia; Orfei, Antinucci, Dorazio. everyone. Di Carlo

4.45 p.m

Naples, at 18.30 Challenge in SPAL

Dimaru’s retreat officially ends today. After a 6-1 draw in Unión, Napoli will face SPAL at 18.30 for their second and final friendly match in Val di Sole, and tomorrow they will return home from the 28 second part of the training camp in Castel di Sangro until August 12.

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Carciato-Dimaro Stadium

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