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Jerry Scotty in the past had to face serious difficulties, a drama that led him to the hospital, in intensive care.

Jerry Scotti is one of the Italian TV presenters par excellence, among the most loved and talented. There are those who identified it in the public Heir to Mike Bonjorno. Over the years, the historical leader has conquered the audience and has been a hit with transmissions that have become as iconic as Word of mouth, free fall and who wants to be a millionaire. He has also hosted a satirical news program on some TV seasons strip news.

Jerry Scotty is one of the management professors and He has always put his talent and professionalism at the fore. His first steps on the radio were very successful formats, especially a Radio Milano2 Outback and Radio Milan Internationalwhere he finally led a guide called flea market.

Jerry Scotty is a radio and television presenter. He was born in the province of Pavia and got close to the world of entertainment from a young age. The father was a worker in the Corriere della Sera press while the mother was a housewife.

after jurisprudence Jerry preferred to dedicate himself to his passion Bigger, music. Before embarking on a career as a TV host, he was a radio announcer. You will remember it on Radio Milan 2 remote but also on Radio Dejai.

Since 1992, he has instead approached the world of television. There are many successful programs that he conducted as you know the last of them, Il Quizzone, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, Free Fall, Corrida.

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Known in the entertainment industry as cute giant From the TV for its size, However, Jerry Scotty didn’t only have happy moments, as it already happens in life for him too, there were difficult moments, one of these moments was the intensive care experience. Here’s what we know.

Jerry Scotty in the hospital

About two years ago, Jerry Scotty found himself in the hospital, in intensive care. In that period it was really hard but thankfully the worst is over and now he can breathe a sigh of relief, even if it was a real drama for the host.

Jerry Scotty had the virusin the period when the vaccination procedure in Italy had not yet begun, his stay in the hospital took an endless 10 days and his health was getting worse.

Jerry Scotty was taken to the hospital in intensive care in Covid Center of the Humanitas of Rozzano Which was practically his home for a long time so fortunately did not recover the tenant. What gave him strength in those days was the birth of his first granddaughter, a very happy event that brought him back to life.

“All criteria were wrong: liver, kidney, pancreas. Virginia helped me. I told myself: I have to recover because my niece was born in a month and I want to be there.”

It was a tough test that he happily overcome and definitely made him stronger and more aware.

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