This is the time when we are most charged in life

This is the time when we are most charged in life

It is not easy to determine if there are periods in life that can be considered happy for everyone. However, science has also tried to answer questions of this kind. It has been observed that happiness It can be represented inside a graph, just like a curve.

result recent study On the topic developed by experts, there is a graph showing a U-shaped curve. This graph will allow us to understand the moments in our life when we feel most energetic and happy.

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related novelty happiness curve It was developed by scientists from the University of Warwick and the University of Melbourne. Experts explain that happiness is linked to a change in age. The peak will be around 20 years old, over the years it declines and then comes back again, when one is more advanced in age.

The research took into account the results of the targeted surveys 1.3 million people, in 52 different countries of the world. What came up is a graph with a very special curve. At the beginning and at the end of life, the values ​​​​are higher, while in the middle they are lower, although experts explain that it is not unhappiness in this case, but less happiness.

Age groups and happiness

In the range from 0 to 30 years, we can find adolescence and life experiences that matter too Plan ahead. According to experts, happiness at this stage can be determined by the possibility of looking for new stimuli.

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From the age of 30 to 40, you want to do many things, but you feel the factor of responsibility. Lower levels of happiness were found in this age group. From 40 to 50 years one wonders what has been achieved in life up to this point: it is certainly the time for it evaluation for what has been done.

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From 50 to 60 years, a new stage begins to intervene, which, according to science, provides greater serenity. Finally, from 60 to 70 years old, it was maximum happiness, also due to the fact that you can devote more personal interests. Thus, there is an opportunity to face this stage of life with a higher calm.

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