“I am an artistic child but at 12 I was in a band” – Corriere.it

“I am an artistic child but at 12 I was in a band” – Corriere.it

Songwriting or performing: Choose.
“It’s like if I had two kids and they asked me which one I was going to save… I was going to be an architect.”

Was it plan B?

And the B?
“To be a dancer.” “I studied dancing since childhood but it didn’t go well.”

at the moment Angelina Mango Stays on the tracks Plan A. A singer and songwriter, like her father, who died tragically in 2014, and like her mother, Laura Valenti, long time voice of Mattia Bazaar. After winning Amici’s Kanto group, Angelina, with her smile and overwhelming positivity, found her place in the group. Phrase challenge with “We’ll think about it tomorrow”; Now there’s a sold-out club tour and “Che t’o dico a fa” has just been released, the best female debut of 2023 on streaming platforms.

Song with Naples in the background. The city that returns in concert with “Tammurriata nera” and Liberato, but was born in Basilicata…
“At this moment I feel like a Neapolitan, and this reflects my enthusiasm. I do not consider singing as cultural appropriation in Naples: music never invades, but at most borrows and compromises.”

What do you give her?
“The public welcomes me. My unsatisfactory apprenticeship has paid off.”

When did you start?
“First evening at the age of 12 with my band. In the evenings we called ourselves the Black Lagoon (it comes from Lagonegro Mr. DrThen she became Angelina Mango.

Double Daughter Art: Cons?
“When I was a kid, the rumors of those who talk without knowing you deeply. You get an A in school and someone says you don’t deserve it. The situation I find on Instagram.”

Are you afraid of confrontation with mom and dad?
“I have no sense of competition: music is a passion, not a challenge. I draw inspiration from what I love, but not so much in my family. Or maybe, simply, they are things I already have within me.”

Round 1: Feelings?
“80% of what I sing comes from my diaries: I realized that it gave me goosebumps. For the booklet ‘The Will to Live’ I sent my mother to get the diaries, I have about 300 of them, to select some sketches… The result? I have no more secrets…”

First song?
At five years old, “I fell in love with myself.” “I had a theory: A woman doesn’t have to get married to fulfill herself.”

“I can already see myself dressing up as a bride/It’s all so tacky,” she sings now.
“I’m talking about those written stories: friends, marriage, children. It frightened me then, the first ‘divers’ and I wanted to be strict: now it would be all right with me.”

Aside from cars, what was it like as a kid?
“I lived in Lagongro, 5,000 people, until I was 15 years old. As a child, I had a lot of stimulation at home, but I often went out in the evening: the country allows you to do that.”

In 2022, only 9 women are among the top 100 albums..
“The goal is to get to where we don’t depend on it.”

What do you think of the masculinity that many hunters have?
“When there is that situation, I consider it toxic.”

In 2020, his first EP with a multinational label didn’t move anything. Were you afraid of having to give up?
“I scored a hundred and got a zero… There were a few moments when I said, ‘Maybe that’s not it.’” I was about to leave for six months in the United States when he arrived. “friends”to”.

When did you realize that something had changed?
“In the car from Rome to Milan the day after the final. In my jacket pocket I found a letter in which a girl confessed to me how much my songs helped her feel better. “It was a jolt that connected me to reality.”

And his picture is clear. GenZ one?
“I see a reformist generation: we have to correct the mistakes of the previous generation. It sounds trivial, and it’s a bad thing, but we have to save the planet.”

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