“This is how the iPhone changed from 13 to 14”, but the picture is still the same

“This is how the iPhone changed from 13 to 14”, but the picture is still the same

The daughter of the founder of Apple does not seem surprised by the news presented during Far Out. On Twitter, many are on his side.

We continue to talk about Apple’s event, Far Out, where Tim Cook and his technicians showed the world the news of the Cupertino company. This time, however, among the many enthusiastic social posts yet ShowiPhone 14 and other devices (Here you can find a file Live event It’s the first iPhone test), there are those who raise their noses. And she’s no ordinary person, given that she’s Eve Jobs, the daughter of Steve, the founder of Apple. This 24-year-old is one of Jobs’ four sons His Instagram account Story with a sarcastic meme on the new iPhone14: “I’m updating iPhone from 13 to 14 after today’s announcement,” accompanying an image of a man in a burgundy checkered shirt showing the same model, but folded well.

social comments

Thousands of comments, especially on Twitter, on this story whose photo was “stolen” by someone else A satirical account, Wallstbets. A few hours after the story of Eve, whose number of followers on Instagram does not exceed 321 thousand followers, the meme spread on all social networks, especially because of the user privacy from which it spread. We said on Twitter, many users took the side of Jobs’ daughter, arguing that there are not many differences between last year’s model and iPhone14. “The only realistic comment I’ve seen today,” wrote one user. Another notes “If you say so, I agree.”

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Who is Eve Jobs?

Girl, 24 years old, daughter Steve Jobs and Lauren Powell, is an American racer and model, who is also the winner of some medals in international competitions. Its place with the family is special, in fact the mother’s An interview with the New York Times He revealed that he does not intend to leave any of the family’s assets, approximately $34.5 billion, to his children.

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