If you have to buy a new computer, make sure it has these five things: They are essential

If you have to buy a new computer, make sure it has these five things: They are essential

A laptop must adapt exactly to the needs of its owner: here’s what to consider in order to make the right choice.

Currently, the offer of portable personal computers is very wide and there are products on the market that can offer very different performance. Precisely for this reason, making careful assessments before proceeding with a purchase becomes more complicated, but always very necessary.

Things to know to choose your computer well – Grantennistoscana.it

What you should be pretty clear about is The purpose of purchasing the PC (work, free time, creating and reworking multimedia content, etc.), where it will be used PC (mostly at home, less often travel) and finally programs which you will need to install on your device to work.

Based on these answers, you will have to orient your choice, focusing your attention on examining certain characteristics.

The five characteristics to evaluate when choosing a computer

CPU – It can be said that the CPU is the “working brain of the computer”. The powerful CPU can handle multiple programs and multiple windows running simultaneously. Conversely, a medium or low capacity CPU may fail to ensure good performance when the computer is under load. If you anticipate heavy computer use, using many programs for many hours a day, a CPU up to the task will be absolutely necessary.

the screen – Even if you don’t always think about it, The display determines the final weight of the computer. This means that if you plan to use your computer mainly on the road or move around frequently, it would be much better to choose a computer with a small screen (between 11 and 13 inches). A medium-sized screen computer (between 15 and 17) will certainly be heavier to carry but more comfortable to use, so it’s perfect for those who travel with their computers but don’t do it often. Finally, computers with a very large screen (up to 19 inches) should only be bought if we know that we have to put the computer on a desk and leave it in the same place for several months.

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CPU, connectivity and other important features – Grantennistoscana.it

keyboard – If you use the computer mainly for typing, it will be necessary to purchase a computer with a keyboard that is comfortable, possibly silent and with a very short pitch (pitch is the time required to press a key for the device to receive input). This way typing will be very simple and very fast.

Multifunctional – More recent models allow you Detach the screen from the keyboard and the screen turns into a tablet. Of course, in these models the screen has a touch function that allows you to use it even without a keyboard. These fairly accurate models should only be purchased if we have a strict need to use the device as a tablet very often and for many hours a day. If we just used the computer in this way, there would be no need to pay a higher price for useless functions.

Connection – If you travel a lot and work on the go, this is a must have buy a computer with an internal router, i.e. able to connect to the network independently without having to connect to a router or hotspot. On the other hand, if you use a lot external accessories Such as headphones, printers, wireless mice, etc., the best is to buy a device with Bluetooth 5, which is the latest and most efficient Bluetooth connection standard.

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