Third Vaccine Dose, Capua: ‘Science Can’t Tell Us’

“The virus will not go away.” For science, it was not possible to predict the need for a third dose of the vaccine against the Corona virus. Professor Ilaria Capua insists on the endemic nature of the coronavirus. Scientist, director of the University of Florida’s UF One Health Center, speaks to In Onda on La7. “We knew the virus was going to become endemic and this process just leads to waves that chase each other and chase winter. When it’s cold in the hemisphere, the wave comes. When the heat comes, you can stay outside and reduce the risk of infection,” he says.

“Didn’t we say there’s going to be a third dose? We can’t tell you, how can we tell you? We can say that vaccines are sometimes used in one dose, sometimes in two or three doses. Sometimes, with one dose each year, depending on the pathogen. The science is transmitted by experience. And wrong. We have to know how to communicate that we don’t know certain things. We, as a scientific community, have developed a series of vaccines for which we have never been able to tell. We have learned from living, we have seen that immunity begins to wane after a certain number of months and we have to withdraw it. A little bit because we’re at the beginning of winter,” he adds.

“Every time I host me on TV, I say the virus won’t go away. We have to learn to live with it. We know the opponent much more than before, we have the tools for treatment and prevention: we have to move forward,” he says.

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“On the third dose we couldn’t tell you, we developed a series of vaccines for which we couldn’t tell for how long.

It is not okay for us to say certain things, nor should we even comment on them.

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