Confagricoltura Piedmont: The future of agriculture thanks to science

Confagricoltura Piedmont: The future of agriculture thanks to science

“The primary sector in Piedmont is facing new challenges and we are confident that science can help us address them.” he said that Enrico Alasia, President of Confagricoltura PiedmontRegarding the experimentation bill in the field of Assisted Evolution Technologies (TEA)implemented by the government in recent days.

Most of the food bought in the supermarket is the result of genetic improvement carried out internationally, in line with the needs of modern consumers. Lacia highlights.

It is a special fermentation sector of genetic improvement techniques which has gained moreover Nobel prize To Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer A. Dodna. “Perhaps thirty years ago we could not have imagined that we would find ourselves talking about genetics, but the commitment to research, applied in agriculture, has given excellent results: geneticists are able to obtain new varieties resistant to climate change, to attacks of pathogens, and to reduce the use of pesticides, while Extremely high performance In terms of productivity and technological characteristics that are safe for humansLacia continues.

Agriculture The usefulness of new genetic improvement techniques has long been supported. The tea bill — under discussion in a Senate 9th committee — could give a boost to scientific reseach. It will be possible to start experiments in the field of plant varieties, already ready in the laboratory and able to adapt to new scenarios of the sector, preserving the quality and safety of final products, in addition to ensuring the necessary productivity to respond to the growing global demand for food.

The agricultural reality of Piedmont permeates it Values, economy and innovation And the, – concludes the chief – The agro-businessmen of our region are constantly active in protecting the territory, in protecting and promoting what the land of Piedmont has to offer to the world.

Confagricoltura Piemonte, the association that protects the rights of entrepreneurs in the Piedmont region, asserts that modern agriculture will need science to continue producing income, responding to growing food demands, and ensuring food quality at all levels, from field to table. safety.

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