Sisa Trista in the Blessed Clean Energy Project – Science and Technology

Sisa Trista in the Blessed Clean Energy Project – Science and Technology

Ansamed – Trieste, November 16 – CISA Trieste is part of the blessed European project that aims to contribute to green mobility.

“To achieve the goals of the European Green Deal on climate neutrality, there is a need to reduce transport emissions by 90% by 2050. We read in the project description that the automotive industry must urgently accelerate the introduction of alternative engines for electric cars.” Proton exchange membrane fuel cells (PEMFCs), powered by hydrogen, are carbon-neutral energy devices that meet these goals in both mobile and stationary applications. Blessed aims to revolutionize the design process of next-generation PEMFCs, improving efficiency, durability and affordability for widespread use, with direct implications for clean energy, industry and sustainable mobility. Touba will train fifteen doctoral students in total, including one at CISA in Trieste, where Gianluigi Rosa, coordinator of the Applied Mathematics Laboratory, explains that “in short, it is a project linked to new emerging technologies, linked to sustainability and” “We are working on improving batteries for mobility.” “Electrician, in cooperation with Toyota of Europe and other partners. We are at a stage where we are appointing a PhD who will sponsor the CISA project.” “It will certainly be a challenge, an effort in a new but necessary direction, to send the message that research, in addition to being sustainable and improving people’s lives, should also try to take charge of emerging trends,” Rosa recalls. (handle).

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