Mourinho is still in contact with the summit

Mourinho is still in contact with the summit

Strefezza responds to Smalling after Hjulmand is sent off, at the start of the second half Dybala realizes the victory penalty before going out due to injury.

there Rome beats 2-1 The Lychee In the Olympico in the postponement of the ninth day of the Italian League and temporarily rise to fifth place in the standings. The Giallorossi opened it after 6 minutes with more punch than usual Smalling And at age 22, they also gain a numerical advantage over severe cases Hjolmand expelled. At the end of the break, Lychee grabs the same thing with his foot fatigue (39 ‘), but at the beginning of recovery it is so Dybala To fix things with a penalty kick (48 minutes) which, however, also costs him a disturbing penalty Buy your theater tickets below.

the match

there Rome Makes up for European defeat, hits The second consecutive victory in the league (with the The same scorers from San Siro) and continued to keep the extension CONTACT THE TOP. does this with Unbelievable matchbut very tangibleDefinitely conditional More than 70 minutes of outplaying the opponent, forcing him to hole up and leaving very little room to maneuver. Capitoline team, also thanks Until the moment of ZanioloCertain shine a littlebut very solidespecially in the head, able to win dirty and tough games like the one with Salento, proud and fighting to the end.

Mourinho is at rest lbrahim and releases Malik Belotti for the first time in the leaguebut to open the game we think it is usual SmallingIn terms of corner developments, Pellegrini found his English header with a superb cross from the trochanter, dominating the embarrassing Gendry and stabbing Falcone 1-0. There is only one team on the field: the defender goes About to double already at 10′While When 12′ Pellegrini touches 2-0. Lecce tries to raise the center of gravity after a long apnea, but at 23 minutes comes the blow: HjolmandAt first Prontera didn’t warn him, he comes They were expelled for interfering in the Belotti case (Tough, but far from bad), after an on-screen review by a Bolognese whistle. The whole challenge seems downhill to Mo’s men, who, without exaggerating it, manage the acquisition with calm and authority. However, the first distraction is the dearest thing: everything still arises from a corner, and in developments The pinball machine in which Strefezza is the fastest to pounce and find the target 1-1.

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Roma returns to the field in the second half Abraham instead of Zaniolo and Spinazzola instead of VinaBoth are in the shade. Not even a minute and English is crucial: predict Askelsen In the area comes dropped from norwegianto leave of Dybala The rigor of the new feature that the Argentine does not fail at. Penalty kick shoots Roma but condemns GoyaHe who feels pain in his left thigh when kicking and must Immediately sit on the bench with leg bandage. at 54 minutes Zalewski squanders a wicked opportunity to shut him down at Abraham’s invitationThen the game gradually ends. The Lychee He finds some last-minute pride, but without intimidating Rui Patricio E Falcon is superior in the 88th minute after Abraham’s header. Another emotion in the game.

report cards

Smalling 7 – Now he’s a team beacon. Solid and focused on defense, decisive on inactive balls. Essential for Mou.
7 . pilgrims His absence in Europe made himself felt, for his ability to act as a link between departments and his ability to be a man everywhere. Smalling needed great help, and then led his team to an even more agonizing success than expected.
Dybala 6 – A somewhat anonymous first half, but the usual clarity and coolness of the slick at the start of the second half. Joy was devastated by a muscle injury that worries Mo now.

Strfezza 6.5 – The third goal in a row even if the only glimmer of his team remained on a very complex evening.
Askelsen 5 – The expulsion of his teammate, as well as the captain, makes his evening very complicated. Naivety on the occasion of the penalty error that condemns the stoics of Lecce until then.
Range 6.5 – With the exception of Strefezza’s goal, he is in fact the only one capable of causing some headaches to Giallorossi’s defense in several moments of the match. His ball and chain blasts are an important barony’s weapon, even if it wasn’t enough for the Olympic night.

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Roma 2-1 Lecce
Rome (3-4-2-1): Rui Patricio 6; Mancini 6 (43′ st Kumbulla sv), Smalling 7, Ibanez 6.5; Zalewski 6.5, Cristante 6, Pellegrini 7, Vina 5.5 (1′ st Spinazzola 6); Dybala 6 (5′ st Matic 6), Zaniolo 5.5 (1′ st Abraham 6.5); Belotti 5.5 (32′ 6 Shumorodov Street).
Coach: Mourinho 6
Lychee (4-3-3): Falcon 6; Gendry 6, Baciruto 6, Umtiti 6, Pezzella 5.5; Askildsen 5 (26′ st Helgason 6), Hjulmand 5, Gonzalez 5 (1′ st Blin 6); Division 6,5 (36′ Ave Colombo 6), Sesay 5 (45′ Ave auden sv.), Streviza 6,5 ​​(26′ Ave de Francesco 6).
Coach6 . Barons
Rule: Prontera
Signs: 6′ Smalling (R), 39′ Strefezza (L), 3′ st. Dybala (R)
ammonite: Umtiti (left), Ibanez (right), Mancini (right)
Fired: Hjulmand (L)


• Roma won two consecutive matches of the Italian league for the first time since August against Salernitana and Cremonese.
• On all the previous seven occasions that Roma scored at least 19 points after nine games in a three-point era, they finished in the top three.
• Lecce is the only team that has faced Paulo Dybala more than once in the Italian Serie A so far, as he always scored the goal (three goals in three matches).
• Paulo Dybala scored in his last three Serie A matches, his best streak since July 2020 (five).
• Chris Smalling has equaled his tally from last season (three goals, in 27 games).
• Chris Smalling is the player with the most headers in this league (three).
• Lorenzo Pellegrini is one of three players who have provided no fewer than four assists in all the last four seasons of Serie A, along with Zielinski and Milinkovic-Savic.
• Gabriel Strefezza has scored in each of his last three league games: Luis Morel was the last Lecce player to score in three or more consecutive matches in the tournament before he turned 26.
• Roma conceded goals in five consecutive matches for the first time since February 2021 in the Italian Serie A.

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