“They put me in a corner”: Albano pauses in public

“They put me in a corner”: Albano pauses in public
Albano – Metropolinotizie.it

Albano was suspended publicly and nearly risked arrest. All this because of the violation of a sacred right. This is what happened…

Albano you either hate him or you love him. In fact, the Polynesian singer is not only known to the public for his powerful and harmonious voice but also To have a character isn’t exactly easy. Straightforward and honest, he often can’t help himself.

Recently, on the occasion of his eightieth birthday, Albano Carisi performed in concert with Romina Power to celebrate his career.

The origin of the man is from Celino San Marco in Puglia. However, from a young age, he developed a love for music that led him To move to Milan.

He has come a long way since the beginning. But one thing that never changes is… The man’s temperament is not entirely obedient. The singer was publicly arrested …

The general adventure of Albano: one of his rights has been infringed

Albano got into a plane accident Which made him go on a rampage. He was on the plane to Zagreb to celebrate the graduation of his daughter, Kristel Carisi, who had recently graduated in literature from Harvard University in Boston, when it all happened. The girl lives in Croatia with her husband and children for a few years now. The Italian singer was banned from entering the bathroom.

Albano told ANSA: On landing I asked to go to the bathroom, but I was forbidden to do so, which is not acceptable. I was sitting in seat 1a, I had prostate surgery and as soon as I got down I needed the toilet and asked to use it. Meanwhile the ladder which he had fixed to the inner door to our frustration had slammed shut and the corridor was full of people. The flight attendant replied that it was not possible and ordered me to sit down. I raised my voice because it was absurd. I asked to speak to the commander, but nothing. Even a Croatian lady, who speaks Italian, tried to explain my need, but they couldn’t do anything. They let the passengers disembark through the back doorbut they wouldn’t let me go to the bathroom there either.”

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Albano – Metropolinotizie.it

Albano risks arrest in Croatia

Albano almost risked arrest by the police, in fact saying, “Indeed, perhaps because of the quarrel I had with the flight attendant, I found the police at the exit: They put me in a corner and wanted to check my passport. In the end, I was allowed to go get my bag.

This story left him with a bad taste in his mouth. Indeed, the singer wanted to emphasize: “I have been flying for sixty years and I have never had such an inconvenience. I speak as a citizen: it is my right to go to the bathroom, and it is unacceptable for me not to be allowed to do so. Something like this could happen to other passengers as well, it’s not acceptable.”

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