They discovered that a vaccine additive boosts immunity against cancer

They discovered that a vaccine additive boosts immunity against cancer

A team of researchers from Trinity College A Dublin resident has discovered a substance in a vaccine additive that promotes strong immunity against cancer, and has successfully tested it in animal experiments. It is a substance called C100 and is derived from chitin, a carbohydrate found in the cell wall mushrooms Or the skeleton of crabs and other insects, which can be used as an additive to vaccines. These additives (or adjuvants) are usually added to vaccines to improve the recipient’s immune response.

In the discovery described Thursday in the journal Cell Medicine ReportsThe researchers explain how C100, which is derived from chitin, is highly effective in stimulating a key molecule to signal to immune cells where a tumor is so they can act on it. “Vaccines are a form of immunotherapy against cancer that aims to transform… king The tumor in the vaccine,” notes one of the authors, Ed LavelleResearcher Trinity College From Dublin in a statement from this university. “For a vaccine to work well, it is necessary to use an adjuvant or booster that helps trigger anti-tumor immunity, and we have seen that C100 is very powerful in this regard,” he adds. Their study explains how C100 works by activating a specific branch of tumor signaling without triggering harmful inflammatory responses that could interfere with immunotherapy, preventing its success.

In addition, the team found that the C100 injection produced additional positive effects, as they saw that it accelerated the immune response. “We believe that C100, combined with other cancer immunotherapies, will improve response rates to cancer immunotherapies,” says another author. Joanna Turley. “Vaccination immunotherapy has significant advantages against cancer, but requires potent and specific adjuvants that can induce protective antitumor immunity. Our research suggests that C100 has tremendous potential in this setting.” He finishes Lavelle.

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