Summer is coming: these are the best and worst times to sunbathe

Summer is coming: these are the best and worst times to sunbathe

Summer is coming: these are the best and worst times to sunbathePixabay

When summer comes, doubts begin to arise about this What are the best times to sunbathe in peace? And in it Time of day It is recommended to avoid exposure to sunlight due to potential health risks.

a Excessive exposure to sunlight At hours not recommended by experts can cause Police Men heat s Severe skin burnsEspecially in those times when the sun gets hotter and we find ourselves dehydrated.

The best times to sunbathe

Experts recommend different time periods for sunbathing.

  • Six in the afternoon until eleven in the morning is the ideal time to be exposed to the sun and when we are calmest (although sun protection is always essential).

  • On the other hand, eleven to twelve in the morning and five to six in the afternoon are more risky time periods where it is necessary to use sunscreen (recommended FPS 30 or 50) and you will have to think about packing sunscreen. Towels because the hours are approaching when it’s easier to burn yourself or get a heatstroke.

  • From twelve in the morning until five in the afternoon is the period of time when exposure to the sun’s rays is not recommended, as you run the risk of developing health problems because the body temperature exceeds 40 degrees, thus “body temperature increases.” Risk of dehydration.

Benefits and risks of the sun

Although it has to go with Very careful When we find ourselves enjoying the sun’s rays, it brings multiple benefits, e.g Increases the production of serotonin in the body Moreover, it is Main source of vitamin Dwhich helps the body absorb and stabilize calcium.

Among the dangers to which a Excessive exposure to sunlight (burns and sunstroke), there is also a threat To develop cancer Of leather. This is why it is important to use Adequate protection from sunlight For each person’s skin type and avoid the danger hours stipulated by the experts mentioned above (from twelve in the morning to five in the afternoon).

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