They can empty your account

They can empty your account

Wanjiri, this is how phone scams work that aim to steal user data

Wangiri phone scam, how it works –

the Hackers Those who attempt to seize users’ personal data have, especially in recent years, improved techniques and strategies to particularly target less prepared or more vulnerable people, while also taking advantage of technological advances. One phone scam that has become the most common in recent months is ringing without answering.

Wangiri, how resonance technology works

This is the so-called Wangiri, a dedicated technology that takes advantage above all of the curiosity of users who try to call back this number, effectively leading them to fall into a cruel trap, perhaps because they are convinced that they have received an important call. Except that once the callback is made, the services are activated without the user’s knowledge. By the time you realize the damage done to you, it is too late.

Telephone fraud, rules to avoid it –

Usually these calls can arrive at any hour, for the most part From 7 am to 10 pm, Seven days out of seven. The only thing you can do to protect yourself is to avoid responding. Most of the time these are unknown numbers that come from numbers with prefixes related to some distant country e.g Cuba, Tunisia, Moldova. UK or Kosovo.

If you see a call from the following area codes, you should definitely ignore it. The prefixes are: +255, +371, +375 and +375. The prefixes mentioned must also be added +44 (United kingdom), +53 (Cuba), +216 (Tunisia), +373 (Moldova), +383 (Kosovo). By calling these numbers, most of the time, all we do is activate expensive services that can even empty our account.

How to act to avoid scams

As experts explained, these calls can also arrive continuously, until the user calls again. They are betting on the fact that the person who will be deceived may also get tired of the constant calls, and clumsily decide to call back to make his voice heard. Besides ignoring the numbers in question, the other thing to do is to do so Prevent them So that we do not allow evil people to continue to bother us in the future. There are many systems to block these numbers. To get all the necessary information, you can also contact your phone company’s customer support.

After so many failed attempts, it is important to always remain cautious, also because scammers are devising increasingly sophisticated and deceptive systems to get their hands into other people’s wallets. Unfortunately, it is primarily the elderly and the most vulnerable people who most of the time end up remaining entangled in their networks. Serial scammers. This is why it is important to warn our grandparents or parents about the potential risks they are exposed to by answering or calling these numbers again.

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