How to Create a Laundry Room in the Bathroom: The Trick That Will Make You Turn Around

How to Create a Laundry Room in the Bathroom: The Trick That Will Make You Turn Around

We give you some ideas on how to create a practical and functional laundry room and bathroom by optimizing existing spaces while keeping aesthetics in mind.

to Create a laundry room in the bathroom There is no need for renovations or to significantly distort the existing environment. In fact, a few small tricks are enough to transform the bathroom and create a very practical and tidy washing corner.

Below we will see what experts recommend Create a functional service space in the bathroomOrganized and fun where you can place the washing machine so that it integrates perfectly with the rest of the furniture.

How to save space for laundry in the bathroom

If you are not lucky enough to have a specific room available to use as a laundry room, it is common to create a small space for the washing machine in the bathroom. Even in the smallest bathroom, it is possible to create a washing area, you just need to follow the advice of experts.

The trick to creating a functional and practical laundry room in the bathroom –

We often ask ourselves Where to place the washing machine in the house to optimize space We often think about the bathroom. First of all, you need to evaluate the available space inside the bathroom in order to decide where to place the washing machine. In general, you'll have to adapt based on the placement of bathroom fixtures, which are definitely less easy to move items than other furniture.

You should make sure that there is enough space in the corner where you will place the washing machine for a water connection, a drain, and of course an electrical socket. Regarding Device dimensionsIt is possible to find it in the market Compact and ultra-slim washing machines It has a standard loading capacity but takes up very little space, so it is best for a small bathroom.

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Then if you are wondering How to furnish a laundry roomwhich in this case is in the bathroom, you have to consider an equipped area.

You can Surround the washing machine with a shelving unit, with or without doors, so that you have space to store detergent bottles and everything you need for washing, such as fabric softener, disinfectant and other useful accessories for washing laundry. Maybe you can outfit the area with Support surface for folding clothes.

You can then place a small clothesline mounted on the wall to take advantage of vertical space and hang wet laundry if it is not possible to hang it outside. In this case, you must ensure that the bathroom has good ventilation to avoid moisture and mold accumulation. If necessary, it is possible to install a fan to eliminate moisture in the air.

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