They are waiving a debt of 1.3 million euros to a retired woman from Tarragona

They are waiving a debt of 1.3 million euros to a retired woman from Tarragona

Commercial Court No. 1 of Tarragona has forgiven A A woman whose debts amount to 1.3 million euros Which accumulated during the economic crisis that has completely affected the country since 2008.

On March 12, he said Attorney Neil Hierro of Nova Advocats, La Ciutat, The court sent the car for which the MLM remained He was absolved of “all unsatisfied debts.”Thanks to the Second Chance Law, With various creditors, including companies such as BBVA, Caixabank, Cofidis, Cetelem and Banco Santander.

“The entirety of unsatisfied debts, both those reviewed below and any credit generated prior to the declaration of bankruptcy that does not appear, for any reason, in the relationship submitted by the debtor and included in this order, shall be exempted, with the exception of those excepted credits referred to in Article (489) of The unified text of the bankruptcy law.

With this order, the court requires the creditors to inform the credit information systems that they have informed of the woman's situation, regarding non-payment or outstanding debts, so that they can update their records and the woman's records. Finally be free of any debt.

Debts accumulated due to the real estate crisis

Hell has begun for this 65-year-old retired woman Laney 2008. Her husband, who ran it Company in the construction sector With more than 25 workers, they began to face financial problems due to non-payment – amounting to about 300 thousand euros – from one of the construction workers in Luxury real estate development in Tarragona.

Assumptions forced the man to do so Apply for various credits To be able to deal with the situation in the midst of the economic crisis, it was His wife secured most of these funds.

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The spouse whose economic situation also affected the personal sphere, He ended up dying The woman had to deal with debts with different financial companies.

As a result, during these years It has lost all its propertiesWhich was heavily mortgaged, then it requested a judicial cancellation of its debts, relying on that Law of second chanceAs his economic situation does not allow him to continue fulfilling his financial obligations.

Law of second chance

This law is a legal mechanism that allows individuals or freelancers who have lost their assets You can be free of outstanding debt Or a mechanism to be put in place to pay them commensurate with their current economic situation.

For these cases, one of the requirements to access this legal mechanism is for the applicant to convincingly show that his or her financial situation is not the result of fraudulent or negligent acts and That the person has shouldered his debts responsiblyBut his economic situation does not allow him to catch up.

Nova Advocats confirm that they handle many debt procedures for natural persons, businessmen and non-entrepreneurs, and that they specialize in second chance law and insolvency cases with… Success 100% of cases Which they presented to the court.

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