How to Steal a Car in Minutes: The tutorial is causing quite a stir on the Internet

How to Steal a Car in Minutes: The tutorial is causing quite a stir on the Internet

Incredible but true: a tutorial appears on how to steal a car, an apparently illegal undertaking that has attracted a large number of users.

Since the web and social networks In the public domain, the so-called “challengeor challenges to watch online that impact many types of businesses.

Car theft was widespread

On the social level Tik Tok, which is now used by many people, challenges are the order of the day. A paradox and really dubious one has recently appeared in the United States: car theft.

In particular, this type of theft concerns not quite new cars that have become popular in the United States in this area. These are brands like Kia And Hyundaimodels that are very difficult to secure abroad and at the same time very easy to steal.

Kia Boys’ tutorial is all the rage in America

Kia and Hyundai Among other things, they are well-known and well-known oriental car manufacturers in the United States, for their reliability on the road and for the excellent dimensions of the cars. But at the same time they have become brands that have been under attack before car thieves.

on Tik Tok The tutorial for the very young is empty of residents, who have made themselves known specifically for stealing these models. It has been renamed kia boys And he explained on the well-known social network the ideal way to steal Kia or Hyundai cars of all kinds.

According to the individual US cities stats and statistics you cited the edge It is understandable how these types of cars become real obsessions and easy prey for thieves. In Milwaukee, 469 Kia’s and 426 Hyundai’s were stolen in 2020 — the following year, 3557 Kia and 3406 Hyundai.

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But what’s behind the disproportionate increase in those car companies’ thefts and so on Cars produced between 2015 and 2019? on Tik Tok Car thieves started posting Videos of their thefts Explain how cars are stolen. These are several young men with their faces covered who are photographed intent on forcing the locks of the Kias above all, entering the passenger compartment and being able to start the vehicle itself and flee.

It also reports Republicreceived several accounts as well 33 million viewsIn Los Angeles, thefts of these cars have seen increases of up to 85%, while in St. Louis, Missouri, they have reached 1,450%. Concluding with another third piece of evidence that offers more than one piece of evidence, in 2021, 66% of the cars stolen in Milwaukee were Hyundai and Kia.

little bit’ Tutorials A little bit about how the car was stolen challenge The latest fashion. Certainly an issue that US insurance companies and police should be able to solve. Significant damage was also done to the image of Kia and Hyundai as global car manufacturers.

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