When the movie “Facing the Window” conquered the American audience

When the movie “Facing the Window” conquered the American audience

Friday, June 18, 2004 “Front Window” movie, Directed by Farzan Ozbek, it also hits theaters in the United States.

facing windows

For American audiences, the movie is called “Facing Windows” and is distributed by one of the strongest names in the American market, Sony Picture Classics. The result, very rare for a market not inclined to make room for foreign products, stems from the resounding success of Ferzan Ozpetek’s film at the XXX edition of the Seattle International Film Festival, a review in which there is no jury of specialists and where the main prize is awarded by the audience.

Emerging Master

In Seattle, Facing the Window, with over seventy thousand favourites, defeated competition from two hundred films from fifty different countries. In the same review, Farzan Özbek also won the title of “Emerging Master of International Cinema”, an award presented by critics each year to a director selected from the panorama of world productions.

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