They are demanding nine years imprisonment for Dimitri Peterman on charges of embezzlement and false accounting in Alabais

They are demanding nine years imprisonment for Dimitri Peterman on charges of embezzlement and false accounting in Alabais

They are demanding nine years imprisonment for Dimitri Peterman on charges of embezzlement and false accounting in AlabaisGorka Istaran

The Public Prosecution requested a penalty Nine years in prison Former president of Racing de Santander Dimitri Peterman To continue the crimeMisappropriation And three of Accounting fraud In his head stage Alaves Sports Association..

The Public Ministry also accuses the Ukrainian's ex-wife and another businessman involved in the management of the Basque club of committing these crimes, according to their indictment for these facts, which will be tried from April 8 to 12 in the Alava Regional Court.

In particular, each of them is required to imprisonment for five and a half years, deprivation of administrative duties in commercial companies and a fine of 1,500 euros for the continuation of the crime of embezzlement. Instead, it is significant that they were sentenced to four years in prison for dishonest management.

As for the accounting fraud, he demands imprisonment for a year and a half and deprivation – at a rate of six months for each crime – in addition to paying the procedural costs of this case and compensating Alabais in the amount specified in the ruling.

According to the interim order issued by the Attorney General's Office, Petermann acquired Alabès in 2004 – a year after purchasing Racing – and in July became president I CEO From the Basque sports community.

The board of directors, in his capacity as secretary and vice-president, included his wife at the time – her whereabouts were not known at the time of the Public Prosecution's accusation – and months later she also appointed the third accused, Jose Nerio Ruizadvisor to this body, where he remained until July 2007.

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On the basis of their social position and acting “in their own interests”, the two entrepreneurs… They seized the money Alabais, which they caused “Serious” financial loss.for every More than 3.1 million euros.

Five star hotels and travel

It is that during the three years he spent as consultants, the defendants remained without mathematical justification in one of them 5-star hotel to victorywhere they also housed staff associated with both, paying the amount of expenses from club funds (€278,184).

In addition, between July 2005 and September 2006, with funds from the entity, the former president of the Sports Association paid more than 49,200 euros to the agency. Trips I The “personality” remains.“.

Specifically, bills for flight tickets in Season a job To go and return from Bilbao to San Francisco with stops in London and Paris, traveling from the capital, Biscay, to France, returning from Tenerife, traveling from Santander to Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Palma, where expenses were paid for accommodation in a luxury hotel.

According to the Attorney General's Office, the two allegations They tried to “hide this empowerment.” Through a €50,000 invoice issued by a UK-based company, which presented it as alleged compensation for travel expenses incurred by the club, but “without connection or justification.”

Within three years, they seized the club's funds amounting to 2.3 million, issuing invoices from companies linked to them but without any contractual support to justify them, seven of them through an entity of which Peterman was an administrator and totaling more than a million.

33 transfers were also made through a company managed by Nerio, with a value of more than 600 thousand euros. The latter, through the security companies he hired, invoiced Alápis for approximately €52,000 for personal services provided at the home of Petermann and his family, which were paid for from club funds.

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Both defendants, with the aim of obtaining illicit inheritance enrichment, agreed with a merchant to cancel a debt of more than 69 thousand euros to which the club owed in exchange for illegally receiving audio-visual materials. the hotel That Peterman had Palamos.

The latter also opened an account in a bank office in Palamos in the name of Alabès which operated until April 2007 and which s'operava in a “vague” way. Accounting and oversight of the sports community.

The two paid, at the expense of the social funds they managed, approximately 194 thousand euros through cash payments on the basis of invoices containing “inaccurate and outdated financial data and international prices” and without “providing” the services in question at Alappis.

They also contributed funds from the team without documentary support to another futsal club in the amount of approximately 150 thousand euros, and in order to “hide their illicit profits” and the “real” financial situation of the Labies when they were directors, they did not and did not carry out the mandatory accounting. – Failure to submit or certify the accounting books for the years 2004, 2005 and 2006.

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