Iaies Alpinistes rock Can Baró to a pop rock beat

Iaies Alpinistes rock Can Baró to a pop rock beat

a Kan Barrow was born in Pop rock band Iaies Alpinistes. A group consisting of Singer and lyricist Jolene Cobos, author of the song “Las cuestitas de Can Baró”, released two years ago and which became an anthem among the neighborhoods of this mountainous neighbourhood. Specifically, the band’s name originates from part of the lyrics of this theme which He criticizes the improvement process taking place in the regionWith the collapse of bus lines due to tourists and the difficulties experienced by the elderly in transportation due to the nature of the neighborhood.

Lyrics inspired by everyday life

The group already has a repertoire of sufficient topics for Scheduling concertssuch as the two held inCasal Perinho Hall. These are the songs he wrote Cobos, voice and guitar, who defines himself as a Zero Kilometer singer-songwriter, with lyrics inspired by everyday affairs. “The story prevails in the words, what I want to explain, always in a critical sense, with irony and intelligence at the same time,” explains the singer. This is the situation“Cantabrian anchovies”a song in which he claims his Basque roots with a refrain that goes: “Qué le voy a hacer si yo no nací en el Mediterráneo”.

Professional musicians

The singer-songwriter was part of the early 2000s once again, a mixture of Basque and Catalan people characterized by their mixture of pop, flamenco and jazz, singing in Basque. The group lasted for seven years and subsequently participated in projects such as The political-musical fantasy Vascovia or Lagalerna Republicanana. Now this new adventure begins, surrounded by professional musicians: Gaby ArguembaoOn the guitar. Juan Antonio GuerraAt the bottom; juan flores, For battery, i Euseba Gonzalezon trumpet, being Cobus, who works as a social educator, is the only member who does not make a living from music.

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The group’s base of operations is the recording studio DartEstudi, located in Carrer de Bismarck, where they rehearse and also record their first album, which they boil. In the meantime, the new songs can be heard on the networks or at the concerts that they will hold in the coming months.

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