IB3 News | Corporate selling is growing by 40% on the islands

IB3 News |  Corporate selling is growing by 40% on the islands

Last year, the hotel and real estate sectors led the bulk of business sales transactions, according to a study provided by PIMEM. Processes that are usually long and which, contrary to what you might think, are considered positive in a dynamic economy

Buying and selling of businesses in the Balearic Islands fully recovered in 2023. Up to 40% more transactions were made compared to the previous year, according to the study presented by PIMEM. This is a very common practice in all economies, and although it has negative connotations here, it is positive. “More often than not, this is a moment of commercial and personal success,” emphasized the President of the SME, PIMEM, Jordi Mora.

In the same sense, Daniel Roldan, from the company, also spoke Corporate Finance ONEtoONE. “We have to look at it as something positive and natural in the company's growth process. We must not give it a negative connotation,” Roldan said.

Most transactions, 30% of them were from the hotel and real estate sectorsBut they are not the only people. There are also other sectors that are very active, such as automobiles, pharmaceuticals, sports, food, medicine and other tourism-related services.

One of the main reasons to do this, regardless of personal or economic circumstances, is, as we are told, Lack of relief for generations. According to the Mallorca SME Employers Association, today there are senior business leaders who have no role, “whether they have children or not and that is a problem we have as a society,” said the Mallorca SME Employers Association. Maura.

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Among the deals that took place throughout 2023 were multi-million dollar deals, such as the sale of the hotel division and Pacha nightclub. An operation worth approximately 320 million euros. But there are also changes in ownership among small and medium-sized companies, which we are told makes it more difficult to find potential investors.

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