Tàrrega Galacticat renews its look and the eleventh edition will be dedicated…

Tàrrega Galacticat renews its look and the eleventh edition will be dedicated…

The Galacticat International Film Festival in Tàrrega and Ponent will celebrate its 11th edition from June 24 to 30 with the screening of more than 100 short films, documentaries and feature films in different streets and halls of the city, such as the Cinemas Majèstic and, as a novelty, the Ateneo Theater. The leitmotif around which the programs will revolve will be devoted to the counterculture and urban tribes of the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, ranging from hippies and psychedelia to the punk or queer movements. This secret history will be reviewed through the screening of several famous films, such as “Trainspotting” or “Paris, Texas.” Continuing this leitmotif, the event will conclude with a concert at Cal Tribat.

In this eleventh edition, the competition aims to pay tribute to the world of counterculture and urban tribes of the second half of the last century, not only in cinema, but also in music, art, comics and literature. So, Galacticat will explore the history of this underground cinema by showing classic films like “Bob Dylan: Don’t Look Back” (1967), “Let’s get Lost” (1988), “Trainspotting” (1996), and “ “Trainspotting” (1996). “Paris, Texas” (1984) or “This is Spinal Tap” (1984), among other works by directors such as Boyle, Wenders, Spheeris or Parker.

In addition, in the special “Ghost” section, the festival will hold a special theatrical screening of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” (1975), one of the classics of “weird” cinema of the 20th century. “After the success achieved last year with the theatrical presentation of The Exorcist on the occasion of its 50th anniversary, we wanted to keep this section of the special screenings for this year’s edition,” explains festival director Ramon Busca.

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Galacticat 11th Edition poster, work by artist Rosa Codina – Image: Courtesy of Galacticat

In conjunction with the announcement of the Leitmotif, Galacticat also presents the poster and image that will accompany this eleventh edition of the Targaryen Festival. This is the work of Barcelona illustrator and cartoonist, Rosa Codina, who was inspired by one of the most famous scenes from the movie “Trainspotting”.

New tables and programming spaces

One of the main novelties this year is the confirmation of the Ateneo di Tárrega theater as a screening point for Galacticat, which thus joins the emblematic Cinemes Majèstic and the squares and streets of the capital Urgell, where the festival used to organize its events. External offers.

In addition, the Tàrrega i Ponent International Film Festival has also adjusted its usual schedules. For this eleventh edition, the weekday morning shows have been cancelled, with the festival's programming concentrated during the afternoon on weekdays and throughout the day on public holidays. “This year we won a new performance space, the Ateneo Theatre, which allows us to spread the program more widely and distribute it at times so that it is accessible to the entire audience,” says Pushaka.

Concert at Cal Tribat

The traditional closing party of Galacticat is also adapted to the theme of the 11th edition and moves to Cal Trepat, where a punk show will be organized on June 30 in the presence of the groups Ruïnosa, Las Strippers de Rahola, Zombi Pujol and others. It remains to be confirmed.

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