Juan Jesus: “Acerbe is lying, he told me you were a black man”

Juan Jesus: “Acerbe is lying, he told me you were a black man”

After listening to the Nerazzurri’s statements today, the Napoli defender attacked his colleague via Instagram: “Racism is being fought here and now.”

Juan Jesus roars against Francisco Acerbe, and the peace achieved last evening, on the pitch at San Siro, is already a thing of the past. Having heard the words of Acerbe's agent, but above all those of the Inter defender who has just returned to Milan after his retirement with the national team, the Brazilian in the evening used Instagram to repeat his thoughts. Above all, in quotes, on his official account, he confirmed that the Nerazzurri called him “nigger”.


Juan Jesus was very decisive on social media: “For me, the issue was closed yesterday on the field with Acerbe’s apology and frankly I would have preferred not to return to something as despicable as what I suffered. Today, but I read “Acerbe’s statements are completely inconsistent with the reality of the facts, and with What he said is the same as yesterday on the field and with the evidence also shown by the videos and explicit lips in which he asks me for my forgiveness. So I'm not with her. Racism is fought here and now. “Go away black, you are just black,” Acerbe told me. After I protested to the referee, he admitted that he had made a mistake and apologized to me, also adding: “For me, as a black man, this is an insult like any other. Today he changed his story and claims there was no racial slur. “I have nothing to add.”

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