The real threat to the United States: a multipolar world

The real threat to the United States: a multipolar world

By Stefano Briganti

when Joe Biden When he became US President, his decision to move the US area of ​​“interest” from Eastern Europe and the Middle East to the Indo-Pacific caused an uproar. The not-so-subtle purpose of this shift is to contain and control China, which poses an economic threat to the United States. The fulcrum and unofficial reason for spreading the wings of the Stars and Stripes over that area is to protect “democracy.” taiwan, One of the landmarks of China. Taiwan which, coincidentally, is the world’s largest producer of ivy chipvital elements for expanding markets.

The 2022 Russia-Ukraine conflict, which erupted after years of tension, gave Biden the opportunity to announce, or rather assert, Global geopolitical strategy Designed by the USA. It is expressed clearly and unambiguously in March 2022 in simple and effective words before the US Congress and then in a conference with leaders of major American companies.

There are two main steps: “It’s happening in the world A battle between democracy and tyranny Democracy will triumph.” “We are facing a decisive point of a kind that rarely occurs in history.” There is a new world order and the United States will lead it.” It is clear that the battle for democracy requires an enemy to defend it. That’s why the United States identifies authoritarian regimes that must be defended, and today asks those who are part of them “Democracies Club” To follow Washington in his crusade, and march united behind his banner.

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It’s something the United States has worked on for more than half a century, and the enemies of the struggle for democracy have been communism (Korea, Cuba, and Vietnam), terrorism (Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan), and dictators (Libya and Syria). All battles were conducted with American weapons and “boots on the ground.” We know today that these wars were largely busty In achieving official goals

The Russian-Ukrainian conflict represents a sign Development of war “Democracy versus tyranny.” While Washington has deployed its soldiers and weapons so far, now for the first time in Ukraine only weapons are being brought in, leaving others to lay down their weapons. Soldiers. I was born there “A proxy war”It is a historic change because it makes the “democracy versus tyranny” wars more digestible by the American people who are no longer involved in any way.

This is the case of Ukraine vs. Russia (the autocrat) and Israel vs. Palestine/Hamas (the terrorist). The United States puts nearly $200 billion worth of weapons on the table however Not even a soldier. Moreover, Biden reassures Americans: “We are sending weapons from our arsenals and the money I am requesting from Congress will be used to replace them. “These guns are made in America in 12 states and will create new jobs.” It doesn’t matter much to Joe if they’re his guns They kill people Somewhere in the world, for America, these actions are “America First.”

The new world order in which the United States carves out a role for itself “Indispensable to the world” (Biden and Blinken Dixit), for Washington, the unipolar model that the United States positioned itself after Bretton Woods remains its guide and guardian.

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Since then, many things have changed and a new threat has emerged to the White House: A Multipole model. A potential new world order is unacceptable because it is embraced by self-sufficient and therefore hostile states: China, Russia, Iran, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

And so we enter one “War of the Worlds” Which, if managed like all conflicts, that is, with the dominance of force of arms, will undoubtedly lead to deep rifts in the relations between the large geopolitical blocs: the United States of America, the European Union, the United Kingdom, and Japan on the one hand, and China, Russia, and Africa. The Middle East on the other hand. In the system there are fractions The opposite of stability This promises a future where instability will be the norm that must be managed. For an over-armed world, this is not a good prospect.

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