GTA 6 reveals new locations (and the map looks really huge)

GTA 6 reveals new locations (and the map looks really huge)

GTA6 It works thanks to Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive, though we haven’t seen anything official at the moment.

Information available in the sequel GTA V game (Look for the next generation version on Amazon) very few, since fans are only figuring things out thanks to the various leaks that have appeared in recent months.

While fans await news by cheating time with trailers made In Unreal Engine 5, it’s time for something new.

As I also mentioned before The gaming bibleAlthough it’s been almost a year since those infamous leaks, fans continue to discover a number of details that could provide more clues about the size of the map. GTA6.

33 seemingly useless but interesting details found in GTA VI 2022 leaksAlready wrote the user reddit Simple lameness 4802.

The post is long, but picking out a few details seems to reveal some locations on the map, which look really huge.

For example, the user reddit Note that a leaked gameplay video confirms this Little Haitisite located at GTA Vice Citywhich suggests – once again – that we’ll be returning to the Miami-inspired city.

Also, I noticed a sign saying “North, Bocamar Yorktown Bridge” which might suggest that GTA6 will include new city.

Among other things, a large mountain was also spotted in the distance with roads that seemed to affect it. Vice City It didn’t have any mountains in it, which might suggest players would Explore the outer regions city ​​for the first time.

Locations and other details made by the user reddit Notice she Vice Beach Plaza, Malibu Club, Ocean View, and South Beach, as well as a small island with uncharted swamps and a sports stadium. We just have to hope Rockstar shows us something ASAP, in order to dispel any doubts.

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Staying on topic, developers GTA6 They recently hired several engineers to build the best real time water system ever.

Finally, a long time ago GTA Online You may have teased a character who will appear in the next one Grand Theft Auto 6.

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