There have been ‘Thousands of Joy-Con being repaired every week’ and this is causing problems –

There have been ‘Thousands of Joy-Con being repaired every week’ and this is causing problems –

A former repair center supervisor who worked on a contract for Nintendo revealed their presence in the United States Thousands of Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Repairs Every Week. This overhead created some problems.

specially, former employee At one point, Kotaku told, “there were thousands of Joy-Cons arriving every week with ease. We had to create a whole new department just to fix the Joy-Con.”

As shown, in 2017-2018The Joy-Con that players sent in was simply replaced, but a year later Nintendo asked the repair center to fix every console. This increased the workload of the center and the staff, who often did not speak English, had communication problems, longer and longer work shifts and found themselves in a stressful environment causing a lot of problems with the repairs.

OLED key

The whole speech refers to the known problems of Joy Con Drift Of the Nintendo Switch consoles that also caused a class action lawsuit against the Japanese company, which then stopped demanding payment for repairs and offered compensation to those who had previously paid for the repair.

Nintendo Prime Show First public apology Joy-Con drifted during an investor question-and-answer session in June 2020.

“We apologize for any inconvenience our customers may have with their Joy-Con controllers,” he said. Shuntaro Furukawa. “We continue to improve our products, but Joy-Cons is currently the subject of a class action lawsuit in the US and it is a pending case, so we cannot comment on any specific actions we may take.”

Nintendo said last October that the Joy-Con is included with OLED key It’s the “latest version”, with improvements made to combat analog stick drift. However, the general manager of Nintendo’s technology development division also said that all analog sticks wear out over time because the parts are in physical contact.

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“For example, car tires wear out as the car is moving, as it is in constant contact with the ground to rotate,” Ko Shiota said. “So, with the same premise, we asked ourselves how can we improve durability, and not only that, but how can both uptime and durability coexist? It’s something we struggle with all the time.”

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