The new 2023 Cupra Formentor, the first major restyling of the hugely successful SUV and the range is moving forward

The new 2023 Cupra Formentor, the first major restyling of the hugely successful SUV and the range is moving forward

Cobra It is currently in the process of revamping its range, which expects to introduce new models, including those with electric propulsion, in the coming years. This does not mean that the Spanish car brand has forgotten about its current cars. In fact, he’s developing several restores, including those for Formentor. During a test session, a camouflaged prototype of the SUV was spotted, providing an opportunity to get a glimpse of the innovations Cobra intends to introduce on this vehicle.

the Formentor restyling prototype Obviously, its structure is still compelling. Protective films have been applied to both the front and the back to hide the modifications made by the Cobra in these areas.

  • Cupra Formentor 2023, how the redesign is progressing
  • Interesting changes for Cupra Formentor 2023

Cupra Formentor 2023, how the redesign is progressing

From what can be seen, Cupra has restyled the front of the Formentor 2023 which will introduce some elements inspired by the new design. Tavascan. In particular, in addition to the new LED headlights with three triangular elements, the Spanish brand will present a redesigned bumper with air intakes of a different shape compared to the current model.

The back doesn’t seem to be much different from the current version, but it’s possible that small changes could be made with the update Finishing touches to the bumper and tailgateAnd also the introduction of new graphics for light groups.

Do not exclude that they are also available New alloy wheels And a wide range of body colors. As for the interior, current spy photos don’t allow you to get a glimpse into the cockpit. A tech update is expected with the introduction of a newer version of the infotainment system, which could also include a larger screen than the current offering. With the remodeling, new interior furnishings may also become available.

Interesting changes for Cupra Formentor 2023

with the Restyling Cobra Formentor Some updates to the chassis should be considered in order to improve driving dynamics. On the front of the engine, there is currently no detailed information. But since we are talking about a facelift, no significant changes are expected. Cupra can focus onImprove existing drive units To improve fuel economy and emissions.

It will continue to be available there Formentor VZ Edition 310 HP, which represents the sportiest model and could be the subject of spy photos thanks to the presence of its four tailpipes. For plug-in versions, a larger battery can be inserted to increase range in all-electric mode. In any case, more details will be revealed as we get closer to the launch of the restyling Cobra FormentorProjected between the end of 2023 and the beginning of 2024.

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