November 28, 2022

Hardwood Paroxysm

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La Dorma – Rai Press Office

The discovery of Claudio Chivaux, the great singer and songwriter who died in 2007 with nearly fifty years of work behind him, 114 songs, 13 albums and more than three thousand concerts around the world: this is the journey proposed by Massimo Bernardini and “Neson”. Dorma” aired on Monday, July 11th at 9.15pm on Rai 5 premiere. Thousands of people sang Chieffo’s songs, yet his name remained in the shadows, relegated to the fringes of the music market due to his affiliation with the Catholic world. The guests of the episode, songwriters Giua and Santoianni, accordion creator Ambrogio Sparagna and famous comedian Gioele Dix, who gathered in December 2021 to sing Claudio Chivu’s songs on a charity album with elite musicians. Global Italian: from Luca Carboni – who dedicated an exclusive video message to No Dorma – to Paolo Friso, Giovanni Lindo Ferretti, Omar Pedrini, David van de Severus, Giovanna Marini, Giorgio Conte and more. Along with Massimo Bernardini and his guests at this tribute, music critic Michele Monina and Benedetto Chivo, creator and promoter of the charitable project dedicated to his father. Thus emerges the secular and cheerful portrait of an out-of-the-box character, friend of Jaber and Guccini and enemy of consumerism and superficiality. To crown the memory of the singer-songwriter live performances of Giua with “Amare Ancora” and Santoianni with “On the hill”, accompanied by the chords of the Cavalazzi brothers and piano by Emmanuel Sartores.

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