“The worst three days in our history”

“The worst three days in our history”

love story between Wild Lucarelli And Lorenzo Biagiarelli It continues apace. And now for eight years. “We have 15 years of difference, that’s a lot. Perhaps fifteen years ago I would have paid attention to it too, today I pay attention to the essence – she is anxious to explain – and I am convinced that if Lorenzo had known me before I would never have found a way to compromise, I was a pain in the ass… Divorced”. Even the first times weren’t easy. Join in Corriere della SeraThe two do not deny the hardships they have gone through. “The first few times were not easy, and after a while she didn’t want to go out with me anymore,” admits the well-known chef It’s always noon.

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All wrong age. “It has to be said,” continues the columnist, and for years to judge Dancing with the stars – I was 40, and he was 25, very little. But yeah, I was clearly mired in stereotypes. I’ve always seen these women dating younger men as a desperate attempt to freeze their youth, but it’s such a big lie to be with a younger man Makes you feel older. And he always makes you reckon: when he’s 70, I’ll be 85 … In short, you feel that time is an issue. Also, you have to sit a lot at the negotiating table.”

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But that’s not all, because “always during the first year, We argued fiercely“It was the worst three days in our history,” Biagiarelli explains, before going into detail. But in a short time, everything was back to normal and “the next week he said to me: ‘I’ve re-purchased my Athens tickets. ‘ His hand struck me so much.” And today they are closer than ever.

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