Maria de Filippi, the disease that struck her home: “pancreatic cancer”

Maria de Filippi, the disease that struck her home: “pancreatic cancer”

The famous TV presenter found herself facing one of the most devastating and difficult diseases to forgive; His touching story.

Maria de Filippi He is one of the pivotal faces of Italian television, from Canale 5 to be exact, where he leads or produces various programmes; one among all men and womenThe dating show that accompanies viewers in the afternoon.

Maria de Filippi-Solospitacolo

Years ago we used to see her rigid in the face of any emotions from her guests, like You’ve got mail, Where, despite his sharing in the pain of others, he hardly lets any emotion shine through. But Mary also has a heart and It hides intense pain. Drama of ruthless disease.

Maria de Filippi and the hidden pain

Queen Maryas the fans call her, was a guest some time ago in the living room of another TV queen, Mara Veneer, to me Sunday in. During the interview, she allowed herself to go through a touching story about some event that caused her so much pain. Illness and death of his beloved father Giovanni.

First of all, the memory of the relationship with man: “When I was a kid I would squat on him, sitting in an armchair, combing his hair with the little comb he had in his jacket pocket. Mom, on the other hand, you can’t get close to her, she didn’t like these things, it was a bang for her. I was crazy about Dad My brother was my mother’s friend.”

Until the terrible news unfortunately and finally death: “I was 28 years old and he was The first great pain I lived. They diagnosed him with Pancreas cancer He remained in intensive care for a year and a half. It was devastating and exciting for everyone. It’s not easy… We went on like this for a year and a half, I went to visit my father and my brother stayed in the parking lot because he was afraid of hospitals. This thing destroyed us. Then he went out and we did two attempts at the rehab clinic. Die suddenly On an August evening.

change mother

To one of the participants, Mara moved and then Maria confessed: “These pains accompany you all your life, learn to live together and metabolize them. ” Instead, mother Giuseppina lived until 2016, and in later years was welcomed in the home she shares with De Filippi with her husband, Maurizio Costanzo, in Rome: “She lived with us for 6 years and changed a lot. He hugged me and gave me kisses that never happened before.”

The loss of parents, just as the host claims, has been a pain that accompanies you all your life, and you can only learn to live with it.

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