The World Health Organization warns that Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza has been completely destroyed and is now a cemetery

The World Health Organization warns that Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza has been completely destroyed and is now a cemetery

to'Global Health Organization The World Health Organization said on Friday that Al-Shifa Hospital – the largest health complex in Gaza and located in the north – was completely destroyed and that the mission that participated in it discovered bodies buried in open areas within its facilities, while others were abandoned.

Via video call from Gaza, the Chief Surgeon of the World Health Organization Thanos GargavanesHe recounted that a few days ago he led a team that visited the city of Al-Shifa, north of the enclave, where he witnessed first-hand the complete destruction of infrastructure and equipment. “Everything is destroyed and burned, oxygen stations, CT scan machines, laboratories, surgical equipment from ventilators and anesthesia machines. There are no walls anymore and there is a big hole in the specialized surgery building from basement to basement.” “The second floor,” he explained to the media in Geneva. He also saw that “in the open spaces, graves had been dug, some with names and some not. There were abandoned bodies, some covered in plastic, some not.”

The Surgeon General indicated that the World Health Organization intends to do soArranging a dignified burial For people who died in this hospital, their remains were placed in individual bags designated for this purpose, with plans to later identify them through DNA tests, as a way to bring comfort to the families.

After the healing was destroyed, Gargavanes said that there was only one left Oxygen production equipment Throughout northern Gaza, it is located in a small hospital. He stressed: “We once again had to attend as we did sixty years ago, without any difference.”

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On the other hand, Gargavanis has too He expressed his regret that Israel does not allow the regular evacuation of the wounded and sick, Rather, do it very slowly, even though there are 9,000 people on the waiting list and many Arab countries, especially Egypt, are ready to receive them. He also said that Israel must stop treating medical equipment, medicines and other health supplies as if they were dual-use items.

Khan Yunis, unrecognizable

Head of the World Health Organization in the Palestinian Territories Peppercorn RichHe said that he personally witnessed a level of destruction “beyond imagination” in the city of Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip, where no building or road remained intact after weeks of the Israeli incursion. Two days ago, Peppercorn participated in a humanitarian mission to determine the situation. Al-Nasr, Al-Amal and Al-Khair Hospitals in Khan Yunis. The three medical facilities “have been rendered inoperable due to attacks and hostilities” with no access to oxygen, water, electricity or a sewage system.

Away from the hospitals, Pepperkorn stressed that the devastation in the city of Khan Yunis “is out of proportion to anything you can imagine, there is nothing left but dust and rubble,” while World Health Organization warehouses have also been damaged by attacks and much of the medical aid. It was vandalized.

The World Health Organization indicated that it plans to organize Inspection by a biomedical engineer To confirm that some Equipment that appears effective can be salvaged. Another specialized engineer is scheduled to inspect the Al Amal Hospital building to see if it is still safe after suffering “severe damage.” Structural damage “Since the last visit by the World Health Organization at the end of February,” Peppercorn said.

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