Juventus and Guntoli bring Hooglund. Vlahović is up for auction

Juventus and Guntoli bring Hooglund.  Vlahović is up for auction

Coach soon in Turin: If DV9 leaves here, he’s an Atalanta player. Meanwhile, a double hit for mana: after Weah regenerates the Frenchman

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Great day for Juventus. Adrien Rabiot’s renewal is the most awaited ice, but important signs are also arriving from Naples for the long-awaited landing of Cristiano Giuntoli in Turin. Critical steps to start the new cycle. And we start defining the movements to present Massimiliano Allegri with a balanced and competitive line-up.

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For days, Aurelio De Laurentiis has been keeping the file that he expects his sporting director to be released after eight seasons. Giuntoli gave up a few months’ wages and a scudetto: 4 million of the total amount clearly saved by Napoli. The diplomatic work has paid off (with the exception of exciting vicissitudes): at Continassa they are convinced that they will be able to welcome a Tuscan manager very soon. John Elkann’s new manager has yet to open his office in Turin and hopes to do so before the lightning attack in Rimini officially opens the transfer market. If the old contract is terminated by June 30th (Friday), membership can be operational as early as July 1st (Saturday). On the other hand, if there is a delay, Juventus will be forced to postpone, and will be forced to request a federal dispensation to sign Giuntoli. The emergency that everyone wants to avoid.

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The new sporting director will receive a five-year contract and the commitment to make Juventus competitive immediately. First, however, it must contain the costs. That’s why the first weeks will be devoted to downsizing the squad and trying to grab the best deals for outgoing talent. The name in the guide is that of Dusan Vlahović, who attracts the sights of Atletico Madrid, Chelsea and Bayern Munich. Who offers more? Meanwhile, Giuntoli spins the web to select his replacement. At the top of the list is Dane Rasmus Höglund, the emerging end of Atalanta. Juventus immediately set their sights on him and (coincidentally) Napoli were also among the first clubs to take action. Obviously based on the contribution of Giuntoli, who is now preparing to enter the scene in the new jersey. Small negotiations are not expected, given that Premier League clubs are also active in Hojlund. However, it is also true that Elkann expects to see Juventus in the new starting line-ups that can fight for the Scudetto, given that the European scenario at the moment is uncertain. Interest in Castaine, another player who appeared at Atalanta and is now valid at Leicester, must be taken into account.


While waiting for Gontoli, Juventus has already scored two goals: Weah Junior, George’s son, who will be in Turin tonight and will undergo medical examinations tomorrow, and the renewal of Adrien Rabiot, announced yesterday by the club’s official channels. Hello Juventus fans, I am really happy and proud to be able to confirm that I will be a Juventus player again next season. My choice comes from my heart, I am very attached to these colours, Juventus is my home. I grew up here and improved on the pitch and as a man. Waiting for a new season to start. As I promised a few months ago, my goal is always to give 100% to Juventus and to you, the fans. I like to share a lot of smiles and successes. Wearing this jersey is a privilege and I’m ready to continue this adventure. Forza Juventus to the end “were the first words after the announcement renewal.

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Behind the French midfielder’s decision to stay for another year to earn the same amount as the old contract (7 million plus bonuses) is the great work of the Juventus market team, led by Diese Giovanni Mana, who in the past week has been constantly dealing with the agent of Rabiot’s mother, Veronique. On the trail of the former PSG were Bayern and Manchester United, the same club that tried to do before the summer, when the transfer jumped at the final stage. This time, the dialogue with the English club stopped at the first hurdle: the mother’s request, a three-year contract worth 10 million euros net per season plus 10 other signing bonuses, was judged excessive and communication between the two parties was immediately cut off. And also because Rabiot wanted Juventus, where he was so happy and where he became a staple of his great sponsor Allegri. The Bianconeri have been informed of United’s inclusion, but they have kept their optimism unchanged, drawn from the word given by the player but also from the fact that negotiations were at a very advanced stage.


Rabiot arrived at Juventus in 2019 on a free transfer and after two colorless and volatile seasons, he exploded with Allegri, especially in 2022-23. Persuading him to renew is a great success for Juventus and also an important saving, because thanks to the growth decree the club will be able to make significant tax savings on his salary and will not have to invest in another midfielder, which would hardly have cost less than 40-50 million plus salary. , maybe less, but without the benefits of the growth decree.

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