Belotti scores a assist from Camara

Belotti scores a assist from Camara


66′ – Rome wakes up

Signs of waking up To Rome after finding a goal Necktie Now she is more relaxed on the field. More possession of the ball and a higher center of gravity for a team Mourinho Who is now looking for a goal benefit.


55′ – Roma’s goal with Belotti!

Rome tied with Gallo Belotti! Abraham’s inner pass into the penalty area, the ball was touched first by Belotti, then by camara (Behind the ball then not offside): The Guinean crosses in the middle and finds the striker, who advances to 1-1.


50′ – Betis is dangerous, Canales misses the shot

Again Roma lost the bad ball, this time from Cristante who totally misjudged his partner and serves up the Spanish reboot. Joaquin crosses into the center of the area to Canalys Who does not take the ball well and misses the score.


45′ – Match resumes

The second half begins with a substitution for Roma: in Camara instead of Matic.


49′ – The first half ends

The first half ends with the advantage of Betis with Canales. Roma were not very efficient in preparing the match, only Belotti’s goal was ruled out for offside.


48 & # 39; Roma, disallowed Belotti’s goal

Signs of waking up. Rome can find Clear From the lottery but it comes canceled about intrusion. Spinazzola’s cross, winning with a header Belotti Which was an inch ahead of the Spanish defense.


43 & # 39; Rome fails to build

Rome as a doll And now at the mercy of possession of the ball from Betis. Long work for Pellegrini men that come region He tried several times for a shot that was rejected by the defenders of the Giallorossi. Meanwhile, Cristante is on the floor to face a match: Mancini He gets angry with the referee because he didn’t stop the match and comes to caution. The first yellow from Gelorossi A matic A few minutes ago to alert Joaquin.

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33′ – Betis up front with Canales

Betis takes the lead with Canalys Network. Bad ball lost horizontally from Spinazzola Whoever gives the ball to the hosts, the Spaniard kicks into the goal from outside the area to find it deviation From Ibanez This displaces Rui Patricio.


24 & # 39; Roma is not very decisive, a lot of individual mistakes

Rome failed to make itself dangerous. Too many individual bugs when setting up the game that don’t allow attackers to find depth.


9′ – Roma’s chance with Pellegrini

The first shot on goal is also from Roma. Spinazola cross in the area, Luiz Felipe Belotti expects but the ball ends at my feet pilgrims multiplication by dirty without giving the power to photograph. Bravo was able to intercept the result easily.


Bad foul on Matic, the referee does not warn

bad surgery matic In the middle of the field: hammer foot I’ve watched On the ankle of the Giallorossi. matic He stays on the floor in pain and wakes up a minute later. The referee does not warn Spanish club player.


3 & # 39; The first goal is a Betis shot

The first shot on goal by the home team. the left From Rodri From the edge of the area try to surprise in the near goal Roy Patricio: Beware the Portuguese to stop them.


0′ – the match begins

Kick off the referee sideropoulos, a ball to be beaten From the formation of Mourinho in the usual Giallorossi uniform.

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Pellegrini: “We want to get out of here on points”

Lorenzo Pellegrini Talk to Sky’s microphones a few minutes before kick-off.

The hardest game of the group?
“Yes, also for other factors like the heat. They are a great team, we saw that in the first leg. It will be important to come out here with points.”

We need your hand without Dybala.
“Yes, I try to do what I can. In the first leg, it was decided not to take me to the bench, but it is important for me today to be here. I want to do well and the team wants to get out of here with points.”


Betis Roma, as well as Ryan Friedkin present

The vice president of the Giallorossi club will also attend the important match against Betis Seville, Rayan Friedkin. The son of the shepherd of Rome is She passed by to greet the Giallorossi delegation in the city center before the match.


Roma in the stadium: a poll before Betis

the team Arrived at Villamarin Stadium in Seville Where he will face Betis in less than an hour. reconnaissance In the field before joining the locker rooms and wear official wear From the warm-up and then to the match.


Rome, the goal in Europe is routine

Roma scored in 22 consecutive away matches in European competition, a streak that began in November 2018. His previous record streak was seven consecutive away matches.


Rome, we need a victory on Spanish soil

Now you need Victory on Spanish soil. Roma have lost all of this Three away games Against Spanish teams, each against a different opponent: Atletico Madrid (0-2), Barcelona (1-4) and Real Madrid (0-3).

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Pellegrini, attendance for the top ten

Lorenzo Pellegrini He is the Roma player with the most matches in European Championships: 45. The confrontation against Betis, for the Giallorossi captain, is the number one attendance 46. For him, this means entering The top ten of European presence From Roman history, the capture of Vincenzo Montella.

The top 10 players from Roma who have played in the European Cup are Totti (103), De Rossi (98), Dier (64), Tomasi, Dzeko (53), Nella (51), Panucci (50), Mix (49), Candela (48), Montella (46).


Betis Roma official line-ups

Betis (4-2-3-1): good boy; Aitor Roybal, Pezzella, Louis-Philippe, Miranda; Guardado, Akoko; Joaquin, Canales, Rodri; Willian Jose. Pellegrini flocks. Available: Rui Silva, Martin, Edgar Gonzalez, Rodriguez, Victor Ruiz, Borja Iglesias, Luis Henrique, William Carvalho, Alex Moreno, Sabali.

Rome (3-4-1-2) Rui Patricio Mancini, Smalling, Ibanez; Zalowsky, Cristante, Matic, Spinazzola; pilgrims. Abraham, Belotti. Mourinho’s flocks. Available: Boyer, Svilar, Shumorodov, Fina, Kamara, Buff, Missouri, Vulpato, Trippi, Cassano, El Shaarawy.

Seville – Benito Villamarin Stadium

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