The White House has been in contact with Fox News about infection coverage

The White House has been in contact with Fox News about infection coverage

According to a CNN network source, the White House was the first to announce confirmed information, which is being discussed. High level.

We are in touch with all networks and lots and lots of media about COVID-19 coverage to ensure that people have accurate information and to voice our concerns when we have it., Ms. Sackie replied, questioning the content of the discussions.

We also understand the importance of informing people about Fox [News] COVID-19 Vaccines and Their Benefits And Of course we are in regular contact with all of you today as we do, He added.

We do not see vaccination as a political issue. It’s about keeping Americans safe.

An excerpt from:Jen Zaki, White House spokesman

In the airwaves of the network, distrust expressed in prime time regarding the corona virus vaccine in support of the Republican Party is common. Other Conservative television networks also have anti-vaccine rhetoric, but they are beyond the reach of Fox News, whose comments are heard by millions of Americans.

Celebrities with Republicans, significant sections of whom are anti-vaccine, have aired four of the five most-watched shows on Fox News cable networks.

The channel, which has easily dominated the cable news market since the outbreak, has been accused of misinformation.

After initially opposing the wearing of the mask, many providers of the pro-Trump network, including its titles, continue to question the effectiveness and safety of vaccines, or even reduce the risk posed by COVID-19. Most of their guests have ideas going in this direction.

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However, on Monday night, star presenter Sean Hannity insisted on taking audiences to his show. Seriously Govt. I can’t do much of it. There have been enough deaths. We do not need more deaths.

I believe in science. I believe in the science of vaccination, He argued, encouraged his audience to discuss this issue with their doctor.

This did not prevent him from dedicating part of his program to the dangerous side effects of the vaccine and from criticizing the university’s decision to introduce a compulsory vaccine.

For example, he stressed that viewers of Tucker Carlson’s show, who were vaccinated, could control the disease. Those on Laura Ingraham’s show were treated to a flurry of talk about the president Biden and his associates are constant super-spreads of COVID-19 misinformation.

In an interview with CNN, a Fox News political correspondent linked their behavior to a network audience.

It’s about ratings and ultimately ratings become revenue. This is the goal of the gameCarl Cameron, who was the network’s chief political correspondent until 2017, said.

This is not news, it is intellectual abduction. This is the campaign, He lamented, saying that denying scientific evidence endangers the lives of the people.

However, the company did not take any risk. It has introduced a vaccination passport that exempts vaccinating staff from being subjected to daily checks.

Facebook in the shortcuts of Biden management

About COVID-19 Facebook is a privileged place.

Photo: Getty Images / AFP / OLIVIER DOULIERY

In recent weeks, the pace of the vaccine campaign has slowed, and the White House has pointed to particularly misinformation.

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Currently, 56.1% of Americans have received at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, and 48.6% are fully immunized, according to figures released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released on Monday.

A few days ago, Joe was to Biden Facebook has been accused of “killing people.” By allowing lies about the vaccine to spread, it protected Mark Zuckerberg’s company. The US president then moderated his comments, accusing them of misrepresentation.

Last week, Jen Saki, for his part, said that without giving details, a dozen people produced two-thirds of the misinformation about the vaccine that spreads on social networks. He lamented that Facebook did not ban them like other sites.

Two months after the fall, The number of corona virus cases in the United States has stagnated A few weeks later it started to rise again.

According to the CDC, there were an average of 11,457 cases daily for seven days on June 18th. Four weeks later, the number of cases has risen to 26,011. The recurrence of the disease is triggered by delta variability, The dominant variant now.

Most infectious, which now accounts for 83% of corona virus cases.

CDC Director Rochelle Valensky recently talked about one Epidemiology of infectious diseases.

Preliminary reports indicate that 99.5% of deaths from COVID-19 in the last six months are unaffected.

They are present in 99% of hospitals affiliated with the corona virus.

Public health experts have been warning for weeks that the spread of the delta variant is spreading to an unknown segment of the population. Especially in the south of the country, May pose a new threat.

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The United States is also experiencing epidemics in some of the country’s least vaccinated areas, mainly in Republican-majority states such as Missouri and Arkansas.

The nature of the vaccine depends largely on political affiliation.

According to an ABC poll-Washington Mail Released earlier this month, 86% of Democrats received at least one dose, while the rate among Republicans dropped to 45%.

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