Masks have returned to some schools and businesses. what is happening now?

Masks have returned to some schools and businesses.  what is happening now?

And US President Joe Biden came up to the podium with a surgical mask in his hand, and addressed the reporters: “They keep telling me, since it must be 10 days or something like that, I have to keep wearing it. but Don’t tell anyone I didn’t have it when I came here». A short pause, you hear someone laughing in the room, then the actual speech to the press.

A joke that would have been dismissed outright even this summer, had it not been for the fact that shortly before his admission, White House spokeswoman Karen Jean-Pierre said, The president was asked to keep a mask on his face for the next 10 days. And it’s a precaution — also recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — given that His wife, Jill, tested positive for Covid-19 After returning from Florida, where the couple went to visit Areas affected by Hurricane Idalia.

Not a day passed before the president fell into her trap again, on the occasion of awarding a medal to Captain Larry Taylor, a Vietnam War veteran. This time, he appeared wearing an FFP2 mask, It was removed as soon as he got close to the microphone to speak. He didn’t even put it on when he approached the 81-year-old veteran to give him the medal.

Until finally, potential infection could have jeopardized travel to India on this occasion G20. Danger averted so far: The president continues to test negative and His participation in the summit is still confirmed.

But the situation is not rosy in the rest of the United States, where the increase in infections is beginning to cause concern. In fact, since August Cases are starting to rise again across the country. So much so that in many places the obligation to wear masks has returned. While many hospitals, especially in the New York area, decided to prevent potential outbreaks by requiring staff, on other occasions, intervention came in the wake of new infections within businesses. It happened in LionsgateIt is the company that produces and distributes cinematic films, at the end of August She told her office staff to cover their noses and mouths After several cases were discovered in offices in Santa Monica, California.

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But the problem is not limited to large companies. Even schools and universities take action a few days before classes start. At Morris Brown College, for example, where A The COVID-19 outbreak broke out at the end of August It prompted the university to re-implement precautionary measures – thus committing to covering the nose and mouth, as well as social distancing and quarantining for those showing symptoms – for the following two weeks. Just to finish the rule before the end of fourteen days. Recently, just one week into the new school year, a Maryland elementary school revealed a Circular asking you to follow precautionary measures“Requiring students and employees to wear masks at school for the next ten days.”

In response to the school’s statement, which was shared on X (formerly Twitter), Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott made the matter a political issue: “It won’t happen in Texas.”. And also Ohio State Senator J.D. Vance He returns to talking about the necessity of using masks: On Tuesday, he introduced the “Freedom to Breathe Act” (“Freedom to Breathe Act”). Mr. Dr) to fight the preventative measure in public schools and on public transportation.

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