Fast Fashion Confessional Hotline, the latest trend in the US – La Voce di New York

Fast Fashion Confessional Hotline, the latest trend in the US – La Voce di New York

It’s an initiative signed by ThredUp, a company specializing in second-hand goods, in collaboration with Priah Ferguson, the rising star of the Stranger Things series. There is talk of creating a hotline to educate teens about the “evils” of fast-food chains, while a report on the buying habits of American Generation Z shows a strong dependence on this fashion.

Why does everyone love Fast Fashion, even if it’s known to be harmful to the planet? The straight answer explains the advantages and can be categorized easily buy online, attractive pricing and a small but effective digital marketing plan; In short, the article sells itself. “Real” luxury is desire, but prices have recently risen due to increased production and transportation chain costs that affect the final product. Thus, we quickly resort to rest and laziness, even though we are a serious environmental problem.

Fast fashion is very harmful due to the use of materials, mostly polyester, flammable only in sight, immeasurable consumption of dyes, waste of resources and energy and exploitation of manpower.

That’s why ThredUp and Priah Ferguson, a massive sponsorship on social media and a toll-free number (+01-855-ThredUp) are inviting young people to embrace sustainable and ethical fashion in order to share their opinions for a greener future.

It is a very dangerous maneuver dictated by calls, exchange of voice messages and WhatsApp to report certain crimes. In addition, we invite you to buy second hand clothes, and take care of different materials such as hemp, linen, silk or those from renewable sources. Every little change can and should make a difference, even if the last word is in the hands of governments, industrial powers and financial speculation. nothing new.

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