The Washington Post’s startling revelations about US attacks in Russia

The Washington Post’s startling revelations about US attacks in Russia

While the world focuses on the war between… Israel And Hamas, with the start of the imminent attack Gaza It was announced by the Tel Aviv government, which may cause escalation at the regional level, and unfortunately even beyond that Washington Post By Jeff Bezos The newspaper with the most direct contact with smart America at all levels — perhaps thanks to the Amazon CEO’s outsized influence — publishes a sensational investigation, practically ignored by the vast majority of the mainstream media, about Involvement (albeit indirect, but fundamental) of the CIA in secret operations on Russian territory. To understand the scope of the scoop, it is enough to assume how Western public opinion and policy would react if news emerged about Russian intelligence operations in Europe or even in the United States. naturally Russiagate.

It is August 20, 2022 when the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado owned by the Eurasian philosopher appears Alexander Duginauthor Fourth political theoryIt exploded near the village of Palchi Vyazumi on the outskirts of Moscow. The philosopher’s daughter dies in a car explosion Daria DuginaWhile heartbreaking images spread in the media of Alexander Dugin himself heading to the scene of the accident and covering his face as a sign of despair in front of the wreckage of the car. As it appeared later The New York TimesUS intelligence agencies said they were convinced that “certain sectors” of the Ukrainian government authorized the secret operation in which Dugin’s daughter was killed. Which he did not specify at the time The New York TimesHowever, it is The degree of involvement of US intelligence agencies themselvesAnd the CIA in particular in the murder of young Dugena. […]

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