‘A threat to the United States’: FBI attack on Trump supporters

‘A threat to the United States’: FBI attack on Trump supporters

Back to the White House Donald Trump For now this is just a possibility But agentsFBI They face a real threat: that of extremist elements MAGA galaxy (Make America great again) – the most ardent supporters of pole – It could sow chaos in light of the 2024 presidential elections. And here’s why office He takes the field by increasing vigilance toward a specific class of right-wing American citizens who could carry out violent acts in the name of the billionaire.

This is not an unrealistic hypothesis or scenario. Indeed, this actually happened on January 6, 2021, when America witnessed, helpless and stunned, the assault on Congress by the followers of the then-president defeated by the Democratic Party nominee. Joe Biden. The riots began when then-Vice President Mike Pence announced that he would not follow Trump in his plan to invalidate the official results of the 2020 election. “It’s only a matter of time, justice will come.”This is the threat made to Pence by one of the participants in the attack, a man nicknamed “The Shaman” because of his headdress made of fur and horns and his spear bearing the US flag.

Although agency data show a decline in investigations after the end of procedures against participants in the January 6 insurrection, the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation Christopher Ray He is convinced that the assault on the Capitol building is not an isolated case and that the danger still exists. Liz Sherwood Randall, Consultant forHomeland securityHe believes that “The use of violence to achieve political goals endangers our public and national security, our values ​​and norms, and our democracy.”.

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In a joint report he submitted last June on Capitol Hill office And from The Department of Homeland Security We read that “Social and political developments, such as narratives of voter fraud, the impact of the raid on Congress, circumstances related to the COVID-19 pandemic, and conspiracy theories promoting violence, will almost certainly bring in domestic terrorists.” To take the necessary measures. the Newsweek It reveals that the FBI, in order to respond to this threat, has created a new class of operatives to monitor, who are united by their opposition to government authority and who intend to… “Performing acts of violence against any person associated with a particular political party.”. Although Trump and his followers were not explicitly mentioned in this definition, the sources consulted by the American magazine admit that he refers to the billionaire’s supporters. With one clarification: the language used is neutral and applies even if the violence is committed by pro-democracy sympathizers.

Some Republicans have long accused the FBI of being a tool in their hands deep country They opposed Trump and called for funding cuts to office. Last year, immediately after the search that led to the discovery of secret documents kept at the billionaire’s residence in Florida, Ansar pole They threatened Christopher Ray with death. Trump was the one who appointed him to lead the federal agency and said about him:“He has an impeccable resume. He will make us proud.”. As with other disgraced figures in the former president’s circle, the people of Maja and his Sultan have already changed their minds.

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