Who said SUVs cost a lot: These 5 cars have an incredibly low price, take advantage of them now

Who said SUVs cost a lot: These 5 cars have an incredibly low price, take advantage of them now

SUVs represent the most sought-after car model on the market. There are some at a really useful price. here they are

In recent years it has been possible to admire a sensitive personalityIncrease in production and sale of SUVs and transitions. Their massive size meant that most people could see these cars as very safe, and therefore, they were in widespread demand.

Here are the cheapest SUVs on the market – Derapate.it

It is certainly not surprising that more and more companies are now creating a series of SUVs, although starting from a base that has always made them known as small car brands only. One of these for example is dacia, With the Romanian giant long aiming to become a rival to Jeep.

Among the most popular models in this category, we cannot fail to mention Ashtray. A car is 434 cm long, 180 cm wide and 169 cm high. The internal engine varies between gasoline, diesel, and liquefied gas, with the basic model featuring a 3-cylinder engine with a capacity of 1,000 horsepower and capable of generating a maximum of 91 horsepower, with a price starting from only $1,000. 17,750 euros.

The other model is definitely one of the best low-cost SUVs stone from Kia. The South Korean company is another company on the rise, and with this car it was able to create a crossover that is 414 cm long, 176 cm wide and 149 cm high, making it a stylish five-seater. The engine can be petrol, LPG or hybrid, but the basic version is a 4-cylinder with a displacement of 1200 which can deliver 84 hp. Price starts from 20,750 euros.

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MG and DR: the new economical SUVs

In addition to these models from now-historical brands, there are also other models from new companies on the rise, e.g MGZS. The base engine of this car is a 1500cc petrol engine, but this car can also be had in an electric version. In the endothermic version, it is certainly the most economical, with a maximum output of 106 hp that can start from a base 17,140 euros.

Features and price of the MG ZS economical SUV
MG ZS, one of the cheapest SUVs on the market – Derapate.it

Moreover, the connection between Europe and China can be admired even more when you enter the world doctor. In fact, Molise has been in close contact with the Chery Group for some time. The partnership has resulted in two SUVs with a very low price, but also with exceptional performance. The first model is 3.0. It is a vehicle with a length of 432 cm, equipped with a gasoline or liquefied petroleum gas engine with a power of 1,500 hp and a power of 117 hp. The basic version costs 18,900 euros.

there doctor He also made the model 4.0, Another low-cost SUV with a length of 432 cm, width of 183 cm and height of 167 cm. Also in this case, there is a choice between petrol and LPG, with the engine identical to the 3.0 and with the horsepower dropped slightly to 116, but the starting cost is 19,900 euros.

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