The war between Russia and Ukraine, direct – the United States and NATO “Prepare for possible nuclear accidents.” Biden is considering sending air defense systems

The war between Russia and Ukraine, direct – the United States and NATO “Prepare for possible nuclear accidents.”  Biden is considering sending air defense systems

Kyiv: “Russian military reinforcements in Belarus and Crimea”

there Russia It deploys military reinforcements in Belarus and Crimea to reinforce its offensive, with the aim of encircling it Kyiv occupies areas Donetsk And the LuganskIn the Donbass. This was stated by the General Staff of the Ukrainian Army, citing independent Kyiv.

Ukrainian media: “Russians shoot civilians lining up for help in Kharkiv”

The Russians opened fire on civilians queuing for humanitarian aid in an area Kharkiv. Reports on Kharkiv GeneralAccording to agency reports UNIAN.

Farnesina to the Italians: “Don’t go and fight in Ukraine”

Regarding the news that appeared in some media regarding the participation of Italian citizens in the conflict in Ukraine, Farnesina newspaper notes that such behavior can be considered criminally relevant under the current legislation (Articles 244 and 288 of the Criminal Code). Farnesina, in order to protect the safety of Italian citizens, reiterates the absolute frustration of traveling to the country.

Six civilians were killed and 15 wounded in Russian attacks in Kharkiv

Six civilians killed and 15 wounded in Russian attacks Kharkiv. This was stated by a regional official. The city center of Kharkiv, the second largest city in Ukraine in the northeast of the country, was attacked by Russian forces Caliber missiles. The governor said that the area was subjected to a total of 44 attacks during the past 24 hours.

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Kyiv: “80% of Irbin was liberated by the Kyiv army”

“80% of the city Irbine It has already been liberated by the Ukrainian army.” He said so, according to reports Ukraine nowAdviser to the Ukrainian Ministry of Interior, Vadim DenisenkoNoting that “the police are working in the city.” Yesterday the mayor of Kyiv, Vitaly Klitschkohad announced that the Ukrainian army had regained control of almost the entire city, which is located to the northwest of the capital and had been occupied by the Russians after heavy fighting.

G7 Sources: “A review of Russia’s role in international organizations”

The leaders of the Group of Seven are calling for a review of Russia’s place in international organizations. This was stated by a senior official at the White House in Brussels.

Stoltenberg (NATO): “More weapons in Ukraine, including anti-tank and UAVs”

Today the Allies decided to provide more assistance to Ukraine, including from a military point of view. These include anti-tank weapons, anti-missile and anti-drone defenses, which have proven to be very effective. The allies will then help Ukraine with financial and humanitarian assistance.” The NATO Secretary General said that Jens Stoltenberg At the conclusion of the extraordinary summit of NATO.

EU Commissioner Ferreira: ‘More EU money for more host countries’

More European money available to member states “which take in more refugees in proportion to their population”. This was announced by the European Union Commissioner for Cohesion, Elisa Ferreraat a press conference with the Member of the European Parliament and Chairman of the Regional Development Committee, Younes Omarji (left), after European parliamentarians voted in mini plenary in favor of CARE. The European Union will increase pre-financing of “React Eu” by 15% for all member states, and by 45% for countries most exposed to the Ukrainian refugee crisis.

Kyiv: “6 thousand Ukrainians were deported to Russia as hostages”

forcibly deporting its own citizens Mariupol On its territory, Russia is moving to the next level of terrorism. Six thousand Ukrainians are already in Russian camps where they can be used as hostages.” A spokesperson for the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry writes on Twitter, Oleg Nikolenko. “Humanitarian convoys fleeing to the non-occupied parts of Ukraine are being bombed. This barbarism must end,” he adds.

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